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  1. @DDevastatedTV We should totally play PUBG together=) Me and Cydonia playing everyday duos=) Join us To get that sweet sweet chicken=)
  2. What do you mean remove the country? Like you can't play with people from that country or what?
  3. I was squizing my buttchicks during this round=)))) SK vs Astralis 15 - 14 insane round from both sides. https://clips.twitch.tv/ConcernedLaconicArtichokePogChamp
  4. I can't find Clan event on Calendar. MT / BBQ

    1. NotAntarctican


      BBQ is in DI-C and MT will be on the front page apparently.

    2. Hannibal


      what front page? do we need to RSVP?

    3. AFDragon


      Read announcement. BBQ is no longer a CLAN event. MT will be shown on the Front Page, but it's still half a week to go before it will be posted. 

  5. Everybody is Welcome. Hope to see you all during events=)
  6. You are welcome to host an event=)) You can find Event Application thread on forum. You can create your own event and I'll put it up on calendar. not sure about 1v1 but we have servers for DI. I think we have 3 servers.
  7. How many hours I can play if I*m on STA?

    1. OverwatchTho


      It's only LTA that does that I believe and 15 hours in a 2 week period is the requirements on that. As for STA, idek if there is a limit?

      @Goedirt @RoadkillHD

  8. Tourney require prices. Instead this week we have this and this
  9. Hello boys and girls=) I would like to know, what do you guys would like to see in DI-IV. What do you think is missing here? What do you think will be fun personally for you? @Windchill, @Maverick, @Greatstain187, @ItsRogerHD, @BeastBoy, @IcarusV, @VoXonatoR, @Luke10, @ZaneW, @ChrisTurnip, @IcarusV, @Arc, @AlinaStarkova, @Sprinkles, @Fanta, @Diatomic, @Doombots, @Flak, @isBP, @SaladFork, @Insipid, @grizzlyyy, @DieLabtec, @Aleksbest, @Spluss, @plauualp, @HappyHellmann, @Speaker, @Azz, @HeSuS, @lumski, @Havok, @iFighter, @Zeikasor, @Targaryen, @Riki, @Efmi, @Tunner, @Mrayzor, @KiLLaH, @Hannibal
  10. Just jump on to FFA DM. Check the popularity and ping. It should be easy to find. It's hard to say if the DM that's good for me will be good for you or not.
  11. I will be doing week of practice starting from today. I will be practicing my AIM this week. Throw some ideas, suggestions, how exactly to practice, workshop maps and all that stuff. I will do my best to go throw all of them.