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  1. that's not true, i left because you were being an asshole and i didn't want to ruin our friendship by letting loose a burst of salt so strong it surely would have resulted in my striking
  2. tldr initiate manager role description

    @AFDragonyou should have linked me this instead of explaining it to me lmao
  3. Damage Incorporated: THE BATTLES OF GLORY!

    mate you can't even beat me in clash royale without me using a troll deck, also why didn't you send me issue ten to proof read? i think it may be necessary to let me fix it then re upload iti
  4. What RPG class to you pick

    Yeah I like the druidic or necro classes, I like being able to call upon something to protect me
  5. What RPG class to you pick

    Just interested in what the DI people prefer
  6. What is your favorite video game of all time?

    My favouritw game has gotta be tactics ogre; the knight of lodis, for the game boy advanced. It's not sold anymore and is super expansive to buy online so I recommend using visualboy advanced emulator if you wanna try it out for yourself That's the first Pokémon game I ever played, the memories of my uber Golduck are flooding back
  7. Pinapple on a pizza??

    @Xenithlook master, I'm not the only one who likes pineapple on their pizza
  8. Yeah, I need them for research too. You can't say no to me or else I'll go live with @AlwaysSlayin
  9. Damage Incorporated: THE BATTLES OF GLORY!

    I don't think doing @GreatJackaland linking @GreatJackalwould be a good idea because I think @GreatJackalwouldn't want to be bothered with something that would take up @GreatJackals time without purpose
  10. Clan Member Nicknames

    i call @Physicscommander hotwheels, @Xenithmaster, and AlwaysSlayin daddy
  11. DI KIDS R SO KYUTE HAO ~~~★★

    if you go to someones house and they have a pet dog, will the dog only bark if it's being addressed by its master?
  12. Lets play rock paper scissors

    Why was I brought into this
  13. DI KIDS R SO KYUTE HAO ~~~★★

    im pretty sure the amiunt of time i spend talking with her would skew those results
  14. DI KIDS R SO KYUTE HAO ~~~★★

    everything about you scares me