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  1. what anime are you watching right now?

    I'm now currently checking out black clover
  2. best anime openings

    My favorite anime opening is busou renkin(I may have misspelled the name)
  3. personally i'm liking winter wyvern and witch doctor
  4. i personally like seeing the sf and legion commander arcana
  5. my favorite rune is invis just cause i can use it for escaping as well as getting good ganks in.
  6. what anime are you watching right now?

    i'm currently watching busou renkin I've watched it a total of 9 times now lol
  7. Remembrance

    i briefly played hon
  8. Hero

    so far i'm not too surprised at the hero choices they kinda fit y'all although too many invokers equals chaos in my books lol
  9. Hero

    very nice i kinda would wanna be bloodseeker or dragon knight
  10. What hero would you wanna be if it was real life?
  11. Remembrance

    i'm married and have 1 daughter and another one on the way and i doubt my wife would waste time with ya when she's got me lol
  12. What got you started on dota 2? i personally got started after playing a little bit of dota 1 from back in the day then playing league and not liking it,
  13. dang i havent taken as much time as y'all to read all the lore but now maybe i should it might just be interesting to read more up on some of my favorite heroes.
  14. count

  15. i think in all aspects of the game some one is going to find some hero as op but for me i think viper is pretty op sometimes