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  1. helo man nice u r back. I am back too ad my smurf name is DI CLoud gold 1 play anything
  2. woww lucky!! lol. (this was the first skin i bought to "impress" my diamond gf at the time when I was a noob.) she was... not impressed. lmao level 20 already buying a $30 skin. gg ff 20
  3. Man this stuff makes me sound like a good ADC. But in reality I am worst ADC NA, KR, EU, JP LOL I always miss my Ult Tibbers on the other ADC. :^)
  4. I trolled my way up to like gold 2 before I started playing serious lol. I think you just have to not care about winning and just play to have fun. play something you enjoy believe it or not I've won 3v5s on bronze accounts and countless 4v5s your teamates are going to be just as bad as the enemy team. (unless the enemy also has a smurf) which can be shitty but it happens sometimes. don't focus on winning games just focus on not feeding and actually playing the game. -idk if this helps. im tired af. lol
  5. Imo if the game stayed the same it would be really boring. the game changes every patch which gives people a chance to keep up it's not really a game for casuals where you can play once a year and still be in top shape lol.
  6. when I play wit my partners pang and bambee we always go pochinki (china town) an we clear out the town :) then we kind of go into stealth mode for mid/late game. Try to get at least 1 supply drop in hope to get ghillie suit. We play 1 guy is always pretty far from the rest of the group to wait for any enemy coming in behind cause nothing worse get a whole team killed to someone just walking out of a area we already cleared
  7. I would use http://www.probuilds.net/champions/details/Darius just look for win ratings in general. But for specific matchup obviously some item change. If the pros show pattern of building certain way than it is probably the most optimal.
  8. She is freelo and not too hard to play I recommend her if you are new too and have to play support she is really good.
  9. I buy it every game when I'm bout to stomp on those shitters. Hell I'll even buy it on my boy Lee Sin in Jg first item.
  10. Hahahaa tbh I think Yi so boring. I never can do good wit him even though they say he is easiest! I would probably peak higher if I just learn YI!
  11. I would want to master Yi. because he is best champ. lol jk I would want to master Karthus used to play karthus jg so I would want to be karthus lane
  12. Tbh I really do not know lol. I have gotten so far two people banned in the same game when I was smurfing in platinum but it was not the most toxic I have seen. they must have been super toxic their previous games. In bronze I see a lottt of Afkers which is consider pretty toxic also kids who are racist in game. and in gold basically the same. Plenty of players I have report get ban 30 minutes after the game or sooner lol.
  13. Yeah I agree wit DrPhil it depend how much time you spend wit a champion too. I feel way more comfortable on like Orianna or something than I do on Annie but that's cause I never play Annie lol. Cass I only really played the old Cass one of my friends who was a Cass main in masters recommended her to me and I just couldn't get into her for new people though I wouldn't suggest jumping straight into her cause of what DrPhil said above ^
  14. no matter where I have playd or watched there is toxic player everywhere :) because league is a free game and has to appeal to everyone. (league of children) lol
  15. I ban Lee (if im not playing him) lol. Janna, Tahm Kench or Zac