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  1. haven't played in months so i can't tell, tho as far as I know (from the trailers) they didn't adress diplo a whole lot.
  2. How's base game MP Civ6, BLK? Is it less buggy then it used 2b?
  3. I'll see if can i get it in time
  4. Same man i'll just turn off sound cause menu music ignores the 0 value i set it at. I honestly don't get how ppl can love the same song longer than a few years.
  5. Glad to hear the patch is great, hope R&F will follow that trend!
  6. We'll see, i'll just move on if it does though Gods and Kings came before Brave New World and that wasn't all that great either, do i guess there's still hope even if it does.
  7. Bout god damn time, i think that's all the 5 leaders that've been in every game tho.
  8. Bobba just came on for a few min, he sais he'll be back permanently soonish, wouldn't mind getting the ol' squad back together
  9. ye we'll probs get something like the Zulu's, but maybe in a year or so.
  10. wonder if we'll get inca's with them around
  11. Should all drugs be legal

    Legalise, tax and regulate. Simple as that.
  12. Seems cool, Georgia never expanded a lot but they've been around since ancient times, so I believe they're worthy.
  13. I wouldn't say civ 6 burned me harder than civ 5 did, but i'll def wait till it's on sale.
  14. Babylon fares best in tech rush, and had the best early game defense