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  1. My video for the day (and probably for a long time lmao) 

    Although the date might be a bit ago, it’s still a classic.

  2. I mean you’d need my ring as well for 6mo of div Command :P
  3. Godfather. I’m tired of the Member Map PMs >_> Oh wait, he’s already RG. Eh, @Physics ✌️
  4. Well when @Silicate wants to act cocky in stealth and fuck us over 7 times straight, then yes, I do get a bit triggered. Guess since I’m here I’ll name who I think, hmm. Let’s say @Enigma, he can just go 0 to 100 on you in about 10 seconds
  5. My boy is freeeeeeeee :D


    1. 13thShade


      How is he not RG by now? lmfao trent

  6. Gaming keyboard vs regular keyboard

    I myself decided to pick up a Razer Ornata Chrome ($80 USD) during the holidays, and I must say, it was definitely worth it. The keys are beautiful and aren’t too rough/soft (yes I actually care about the feeling of the keys lmao), and it also comes with a resting pad that is magnetic so it sticks on, causing players like me who have their wrists hanging off the keyboard and pressing down to not hurt after long periods of gaming or leave behind marks. It really is worth it, and I don’t really go for the top end accessories (I have a $2k computer and the highest accessory I have is a Blue Yeti for $150).
  7. Hope to see you back soon, friend.

  8. God damn you’re killing it man! Can’t wait to see DI-XXII soon and you getting that Silver star back :D

  9. Grats on your... promotion?

    1. Bent


      He's secretly becoming the new General, keep your doors locked for this dangerous man

    2. TheGamer777


      You know I never noticed it but the godfather has almost as many posts as me... *flag's the godfather as a spammer*

  10. I love you Chantal

    So heart touching
  11. New style


    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Zezette


      have you seen rwby? im a huge phyrra nikos fangirl. great fight scenes. great characters. 

    3. AFDragon


      Rwby? I have no idea what that is

    4. Zezette


      this is a fight scene with my fav character. no spoilers (beyond showing showing her basic fighting skills)


  12. Grats on 1k rep :)

    1. TheGamer777


      I want to downvote one of his posts now... I mean something not incriminating...

    2. Frosty


      He bought it for kon dollars.. no gratz


    #GoIrish :D

  14. Happy New Years to my NA EST guys! Soon the world will be in 2018 :D

    Now onto what really matters:

    #AnnouncementsHype @13thShade @AFDragon

    1. DrPhilandChill


      wym announcements won't be until at least the 2nd


  15. But Negan...

    Alright, new year new you :^)

  16. Congrats once again to the next generation of initiates for becoming full members! Glad to see some of you guys take officer positions as well, best of luck!

  17. Jackbox Games Event happening in 15 minutes! Come out and join, I got all the games so we got variety! :D

  18. Bright - Netflix Movie

    @Zezette and I watch it through Rabbit. The story felt it was all over the place with both the characters and storyline, but in the end when you piece everything together, it was a very well made movie. Personally, I'd give it an 8/10.
  19. #ReviveDavesJokes


    1. DrPhilandChill


      Dave just wanted to make people laugh, why did the best post in DI have to be removed, it brought life and wholesomeness to my life


    2. 13thShade
    3. Zezette


      it was removed?

  20. Today is my official 1 year post! Glad to still be here and yes, I will be making my special 1 year shoutout post to everyone who's made an impact on myself throughout my year (yeah I know so original :P). Here's to the everything more to come! <3 u guys :D

  21. https://gyazo.com/e5e7eca9d24d98b8282448e45df036d6

    Looks like it's getting to that time to clean up my Spotify playlist (especially since Eminem dropped his new album that he was working on for years now :P)

    *It's called 'Revival' if anyone's interesting. Here's my favorite song so far from it: 


    1. Sendrill


      Some people hat Eminem but man I can't stay away, I love rap to much and I guess you could say he's a rap god. Hahaha

    2. MrSfke


      I like the new eminem album as well. Its back to his best!!!!!