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  1. Yes everyone. TeamSpeak is down at the current moment. Please be patient while we resolve the issue, thanks :)

    1. Jirraph


      Thanks, I don't want to get striked for being unable to connect at all

    2. Clones231


      wow when it comes back theirs two of us 

      tripping balls 

    3. Jirraph


      I had Jiraph11 at one point

  2. Happy Birthday the god that is an Activity Manager! Enjoy your day :)

  3. Fellow Crypto Miners?

    Yes, I have the device where you can plug it into an outlet and it’ll tell you how much electricity is being used. Very useful.
  4. Fellow Crypto Miners?

    It can be hard to explain, watch that for knowing what is actually “is”, and then just google “crypto mining” on YT and you’ll get a lot of results. Took me like 4 days to learn mostly what I know today.
  5. Fellow Crypto Miners?

  6. Fellow Crypto Miners?

  7. Fellow Crypto Miners?

    | What pool{s} do you mine? - CoinBase is nice and secure, but god damn it takes a fuckton (like 0.2 to cash out on Etherium, which is what I mine), and I've used NiceHash in the past when I decided to mine Bitcoin starting out and it's pretty nice when it comes to profits | Profitability per day? - ~$12, just have 6 starter AMDs because I've gotten into it recently, but we're making profit so that's nice :D| What services you might use to avoid paying fees? - Even though it takes forever, CoinBase is nice on the side of fees | What hardware you mine with? - Well I myself have a 1080ti in my own Gaming Computer, so I'll sometimes mine with that, plus me and my step-dad have a few others computers around the house we'll turn on time and time again, but it's mostly a built rig| Rig Pics ;) - Check back when it's not 5am my time (2 hours or so, I'll edit this out :D)| How you feel about NiceHack? I'm assuming this is a meme about NiceHash being hacked a little bit ago (lmfao), but I think they've locked down where they were breached at, and if I mined Bitcoin I'd use them again. But #EtheriumLife Speaking of #EtheriumLife, wya @Enigma you mining beast :^)
  8. Holy shit you're alive. Get on TS :D

  9. Grats on the Silver Commendation for an amazing tournament!


  10. I named my newest BDO pet after Physics

    Should've been Hasan.
  11. Longbow, let's see just how active you guys can get! 


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. OverwatchTho
    3. Zezette


      Yeah but all the other generals are gonna copy him eventually and i just dont see how my coc is the major player for mybrep success when they dont help me post 100% of my events like you do..

    4. Jonse


      I doubt that all the generals will copy this but even if they do they are free to change awards. For example with the most influencial person don't exclude HQ officers and members.

  12. Holy hell DI-II is popping off. You guys are beasts, get that Super Division going! :D

    1. 13thShade
    2. LinaiiSaye


      First splitting and then I'm going to go for SD. I'm going on an achievement hunt!