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  1. i got demoted to silver 3 10x in a row -_- then i got demoted to s4 how good is that lol but basically so far im unranked
  2. i like playing mid but im trying adc but most pf the time i play supp in ranked
  3. red card kat lol thats isnt great but ive been longing that for so long but yea i got it XD
  4. feel free to add me as well xErza Scarlet just looking for someone to play with im still learning the game tho so bare with me lol
  5. a douche guy from my previous mmorpg game got me in league he keeps telling me to try it pfft eventhou i dont like it lol but i was curious about it so i give it a try but i end up liking it xD eventhou this game makes me salty and rage =P
  6. when i play adc i hate laning against a blitz or thresh -_- but on mid i hate lb or yas makes me really tilt -_-