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  1. Magic the gathering

    Used to I gave it up when I noticed my dresser was full of cards no clothes, under my bed was solid cards, cards all over my closet, cards all over my floor, cards in my pillow, cards in my wallet, so on and so forth.
  2. Your Happy Place Game

    :P If it's multiplayer? Any single player game. If its single player any multiplayer game.
  3. I hope they get around to it soon :P People made some rather regretful names in some cases and even if they want to change they cannot.
  4. Yeah I agree with turtle if your shooting across the road smg is better. Unless your good at those clutch kills with a choked shotgun. (or compensator's for all you sk12 madmen out there)
  5. Dasgutenbrat brought up a good point to me the other day, the vaulting system is pretty great but somethings have changed for the worse. You can no longer climb on top of rainings for example, now you just vault over them.
  6. Bonjour

    Hello! And welcome! If your looking for people to play games with you have come to the right place. PUBG Calendar : https://forum.dmg-inc.com/calendar/79-pubg/ Check out the calendar events maybe you will see a Pubg event you would like to attend to. Social Calendar: https://forum.dmg-inc.com/calendar/74-social/ If you want to play a random game besides PUBG and get involved with the community check out the social events they play quite a few different games. You can also join other division events as long as they are not team specific events, plenty of games to play.
  7. YEEEESSSSS let the flash hiders flow through you!
  8. Yeah I would have to say I think the M4 is better than the scar because its auto seems better but I can't give up the ScarL it's my BFF.
  9. Earlier I mentioned it was the orientation glitch that I hated the most. Now I changed my mind sometimes loot can clip through a wall and if it does it you CANNOT pick it up. Nothing tilts me more than finding an 8x and then being physically unable to pick it up.
  10. So Ragetonaka now that you have bought Pubg did you find people to play with? :P So all the new people looking at the forum can tell if its easy to find a game or not. Answer honestly for them!
  11. When playing Pubg I use my very sensitive headset and when someone is outside on grass walking barefoot it sounds like they are walking on glass if they are outside wearing shoes sometimes it's difficult to tell whether they are inside or outside depending on the terrain they are walking on. It could just be because of how used to listening to my own feet walk but I dunno.
  12. My question is it worth it to use reshade? Can someone post comparison pictures >-> Im not brave enough to mess with mah PUBG files myself.
  13. I was having a bad game my whole team was dead, I was being a potato but managed to survive. Driving to the next circle I ran a guy over who was invisible to me in a bush.