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  1. ive been paying a ton of adc, and even though i have the experience, i cant seem to get my positioning right. ive been trying and trying. but it seems i just get a bit too hard headed and jump in with my team. not 100% sure how im getting it wrong, but thats why im here help plox?
  2. to be honest. i absolutely love Xayah. shes my favorite in both attitude and play style. and my favorite thing about her. they ALWAYS. forget. about. the. feathers!!!!!
  3. Adc Tips.

    to be honest that really does. my biggest problem (being in gold) is that no one ever focus's said carry. its always hit this guy, dont care about anyone else. tank or not. and so i always go out of position to do their job. in the end my mechanics have gotten to toned, its hard to beat me. (not trying to be egotistical but...) but its really difficult to carry when i die due to my team hitting the wrong people or the like..... believe it or not. this helped quite a bit
  4. renekton. laning or not. im a riven/shyvana top laner. renekton just stomps me no matter who i play ;-;