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  1. You had everyone worried :(

  2. welcome back dude

    1. CindersKnight



      Glad to be back.

  3. Cinders are you ok?


    1. Zezette


      What if he's hurt?? Does anyone have his real life contact info? @Mal @TheGamer777 do you have it or know anyone who does?

    2. AFDragon


      Relax peeps, Cinders is one tough guy 

    3. luigi


      hope for the best!

  4. Everyone is expected to contribute something - Once you make it to Full Member you'll have a wider set of choices as to how you want to contribute - more community based expectations if you are on a casual team, or more team development focused if you are on a competitive team. This variance is because we know not everyone is a forum person. For now you are an initiate and the post requirements serve as proof that you are willing to do as asked to contribute, a demonstration of your merit to become a Full Member. Posting also is a habit necessary for everyone to build as it allows for efficient communication, not just within your team, but across your division and the clan. Also, from this topic Posts in Forum Games/Spam section do not count towards post count.
  5. Mentor Sign-Ups for Oct 2017 are up in Engine room.  Full Members head over and signup to help guide the future generations of DI.


    I'd look to see what the OP was about, but it is so many pages back. Can't be bothered. Instead could someone just fill me in here XD
  7. You came back! I thought you were a gonner ;-;

  8. Thanks for the Award. Now Im a Member.

  9. Need more mentors - sign up is in the engine room - Or Link here

  10. Hehe, nice promotion mate

  11. Survey PLEASE HELP

  12. How many cups of coffee a day?

    I have a cup of coffee on average once every 3 years. I too am on the water only bandwagon. I used to have a moderate/heavy activity job and after leaving that I needed to find a way to cut down on calorie intake....... and I like bacon too much so the soda had to go =D
  13. Pinapple on a pizza??

    Pineapple goes on cottage cheese, not cheese pizza..... agree with azusalisten, weird...
  14. What's the best US state to live in and why?

    Now while I might choose something along the lines of Rustic Instead of hillbilly to describe us in the flyover, I'm certain you and @Mechanoid2k can come up with something a bit more creative. =P Now I don't know about all of them tiny yankee states, but around here things can vary greatly across the state. What type of place are you interested in? metro, urban, suburban, sprawl zone, rural?