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    Maybe it's time i posted one these again? My name's Tuesday, I work here part-time. i look forward to a wonderful experience with you bois, and girls!
  4. Tuesday's Chronicles

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  5. Tuesday's Chronicles

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  6. Tuesday's Chronicles

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  7. Tuesday's Chronicles

    Author's Note The following are stories of the my time in D.I. the things that i experienced. While some stories my seem truly wild, believe me when i say they're all true. Though you could also choose not to believe me, I wouldn't blame you. See in my old age many have come to call me crazy but i guarantee you. The people from these stories are real. Heroes, Villains, and Gods alike. I ask that you do your best to keep an open mind, but if you don't just know that eventually... You will learn the truth. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The old man walked into the room, cane in hand. The room seemed to sway around him. Like leaves in the breeze, But he was strong like a rock and would not be moved by a little wind. The old man then lifted his cane and opening his mouth, words began falling out of his mouth with the weight of stars. "Hello There, And welcome to D.I." The old man then turned around moving ever so slowly back towards the door. Never swaying though, For just like a rock his movements for however rusty and ragged, they still had the confidence that countless hours in the battlefield of life gave someone. He turned his head just before leaving through the exit to speak once again, His long beard floating gently in the wind. It was almost as if time was slowed as the next few words entered the air clinging there like a dew clings to rocks. "Stay a while, And listen" Just like that the man was gone, And while I watched him leave. I can't quite remember his exact exit and how he had gone from this place. But this I'm sure of. We would have to find out exactly what was happening in this place. -Psalm Of Tuesday 1:1 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (I needed my posts count up right?) (i'm editing this post mb)@Silicate There are tiny group stood, to either side of me experienced veterans of multiple battles some with centuries of experience. It made me feel a little out of place next to such powerhouses. The large golden doors started opening in front of us and for a moment I caught myself wondering exactly what kind of behemoth contraption or creature it would take to move them. I wasn't allowed to dally for long though a large hand grasped my shoulder and I looked over to see an old friend. The man stood tall with a staff and a grin that almost had myself grinning. @Mal had been the first man that I spent a lot of time with from D.I. and I knew I could trust him. As usual, he had some grain of wisdom to share, he seemed eager to share though so I nodded my head encouraging him to speak. "Don't worry so much, Just remember, don't stare at his muzzle" I raised an eyebrow and began to open my mouth to speak but before I said anything two men clad in leather armor and bronze chest plates with that familiar red and black eagle on them emerged from the ridiculously sized set of doors in front of us. The wordlessly beckoned use to come forward. As we entered the large chamber and my eyes adjusted to the new level of "shiny" what I saw astonished me. The room seemed to be an entire three football fields long and at least as wide. Pillars reached to the ceiling that must've been a hundred feet above the floor. I would've already felt small just with the large guards looming over us, but inside this cavern, it felt like we were all ants. We walked forward, and each step I took I felt like I was one step closer to a black hole. the pressure pointing towards the back of the chamber was astonishing. I crept forward with the rest of the group, anytime we halted the guards reminded us so kindly to keep moving forward with a muffled curse. As we approached I could begin to see what was creating such an enormous pressure. At the back of the chamber was a large throne that seemed to be made of marble. Even more astonishing was the fact that the throne itself seemed to change color from a white marble to a black marble in front of my eyes. Sitting on the throne was a man in familiar leather armor. His presence seemed to exude power from every ounce of his being. A power that sucked people to him and allowed him to control them. The only thing that one might say about this man was his head wasn't exactly normal. He himself from neck down was fine, But from there up he was a full jackal. The part jackal, part man, but mostly man opened his mouth to speak and I prepared for a deep boom that most often accompanied one of mal's spells. "Bork" I reeled back, out of the things I was expecting that was not on the list. "He barked?" i asked myself in my head, my mind began to race with questions. What about his voice? How did he communicate with all of D.I? Did he ever speak or only bark? that's when I heard mal chuckle. "That's his way of saying welcome to D.I." -Psalm of Tuesday HQ:7 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The pub at this hour of the night, as usual, was crawling with all sorts. From giant purple monsters that that seemed to feast on everything. To warriors that fought for justice, Dressed in armor that was easily ten sizes too big for myself. On one end of the bar, Far down from everyone else seemingly alone and quiet to noise say a cloaked figure. Had I not known better I would have thought that maybe this person was more imaginary than real. I took a moment to stair back-down at my drink, it was a mead of local brew. This drink tasty homely and while it was sweet it always ended with a bitter nearly salty taste. I couldn't help but grin to myself. I used to hang out in places like this, Staying up far too late into the night drinking this brew. I would trade stories, And try my hand at the occasional brawl. Hit on the few women that would dare even venture into a place like this. As the night began to tick by a man sat down next to me. I recognized him instantly as the bizarrely powerful he-witch Mal. He grinned at me as his spoke, as if trying to hold back laughter. "Evening, seems as if tonight's "Event" should be starting soon. Did i miss anything important?" I felt myself grinning, see mal always had a way of infecting the people around him with good spirits. This time would be no different. I shook my head a pointed at the stranger over in the corner. To my surprise though the gentleman was no longer sitting there. I swiveled my head and finally caught the hooded figure. He had a seemingly got into an altercation with a man who seemed more reptile than man. I realized at this moment that this was the person referred to as "the butcher of the sands". Though you wouldn't say that within ear shot of him unless you wanted your head separated from your body. In the next moment, the reptile man stood up growling as water seemingly condensed out of the air to form a blade shape then fell away to reveal a huge crescent blade. He growled at the cloaked man. "You will feel the bite of my blade young prince. For you know nothing of true combat." In the next moment, the cloak was cast aside to reveal a man wearing golden armor and an eagle shaped helm. I recognized mal jumping over the other side of the bar, And I quickly followed suit. I peeked back over at the two men glaring at each other. It had seemed that the entire area around the two was covered in a nearly gold sand. As well as the eagle man brandishing a staff the emanated a seemingly ancient power. I mouthed a curse to myself before I heard mal chuckle again and join me watching the two spectators. The two reptile lashed out at the eagle, As the eagle jumped back swiftly dodging the reptile's blade. in that moment the sand that covered everything seemed for form and harden into soldiers. Holding spears and shields they all lashed out at the reptile. The reptile though, Seemed almost unaffected as he cut down the sand soldiers one after another only to have them reform. At that moment though I heard saw the eagle man thrust his staff out. And sand grabbed the reptile holding him firm. The eagle warrior began to speak, He deep voice boomed like war-drums through out the tavern. "Eventually, the sand claims us all." In the next moment, a horde of sand soldiers formed and smashed into the now encased reptile. The force throwing sand everywhere I suddenly became acutely aware that there was sand in my shoes. As the sand settled, the reptile was nowhere to be seen, and the sand seemed to vanish. I stared at the man in golden eagle armor. As he left the eagle's voice boomed again. "Welcome to D.I." I looked to Mal who just laughed and said. "That's BuffsOP, he really likes sand." -Chronsicles of Tuesday VI 4:1 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In the clearing of the great Community Tree stood the woman, clad in leather armor that seemed to function more as a second skin then as armor itself. She flipped and spun her self easily clearing another Obstacle as she ran away from the local guards. I smiled to myself, Clearly she was having fun as the one of the two men who wore chain mail fell down over himself. You could hear her laugh from across the clearing. Something was in her hand, But i couldn't quite make it out. "Is that an egg? What in the name of the bloody first nine is she doing with that?" A voice of moderate tempo spoke a male by the looks of him, he spoke with an accent he had heard before. he had heard it before but couldn't quite remember. Lost in thought I was caught of guard as i heard Mal's Familiar voice chime in. "Oh you have no clue shand, That girl could kill this whole city with that egg" In the next moment she Flipped over the back of one of the guard positioning herself perfectly for the right hook. Her hand swung around and SMASH! A unique cry out and the familiar cracking sound confirmed my suspicions. in the next moment a familiar yellow and white marbled egg yolk drifted down the guards face. In the next moments i heard the woman speak, Now i recoginzed that voice anywhere. it was sairane. "Welcome To community, We know how to party here" Psalm of Tuesday C:4 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Standing apart from the group of un-natural beings was one being who seemed perfect. His eyes while red seemed to be perfect mirrors, eyes into a soul of pure rage. For all the destruction these eyes had witness has poisoned his soul. Turning him from one longing for D.I. to one who hates everything they stood for. the edges of his lips curled up in a smile as dark purple energy oozed out of his body. The energy itself almost seemed physical, like an corrupting ooze. Spilling forth this dark power corrupted those around him, twisting them. Once proud members of the same great nation that i was currently part had their bodies reshaped in a dark unnatural way. The air it's self seemed to shimmer around them, giving someone the sense of uneasiness. I felt my confidence waver, how could you destroy something so unnaturally human. That's when i heard a voice speak. I had not heard this voice before, Female, The accent seemed to be from a distant land that my brothers and sisters of the place i grew up could only imagine. I looked over, the female herself clad in armor with a buckler on her back and long sword at her side nodded toward the in-human sight in-front of us. She spoke confidently, as someone with years of battle experience i'm sure she earned that confidence. "They are forgotten ones, they strayed from D.I.'s path and our code of ops. And the their center is a true betrayer." At this moment i heard Mal's familiar old wise voice chime in. "that'd be correct Sairane, Though i believe Falx might have a bone to pick with the man in the center" Stepping from our party was man who while maybe small of stature seemed bigger then life. From just the way he held him self you could tell he was all about one thing. Cool and collected. To his back was strapped a contraption branded with a medallion of a blue phoenix. It seemed to emanate an old power, Being comprised of wood and medal it almost remind me of a pistol or blunderbuss. Falx reached around grabbed the contraption off his back pushing it up against his shoulder. Across the way the man in the center laughed, a perfect laughed by all standards, accept for the fact it was cold.The man began to taunt Falx urging him to action. "You can't be rid of me, I made you who you are today Falx. You will never be as good of a-" He was interrupted as what sounded like multiple gun-shots rang out. One after another as the fire rang i saw what i could only imagine as a gun against Falx's shoulder light up. Every shot was accompanied by runes that were masterly crafted into every surface of the gun lighting up a dull blue. The phoenix seemed to roar to life, and within moments every single one of the forgotten ones was laid to waste. Falx shifted his weight and lined up his sights on the betrayer next. Falx pulled the trigger and i stood in awe as instead of a bullet coming out of the end of a gun a small bird a-light with blue fire shot from the gun racing toward the betrayer. The betrayer's confidence seemed to waver and for a moment i could've sworn i saw say the perfect shape of the betrayer shift into a monstrous skeletal bird. In the next moment though the blue small phoenix punched a hole straight through the betrayer. The betrayer wavered for a moment and then began to fall down, before hitting the ground though he seemed to disintegrate into dust. A calm fell over me, and i heard the voice of a man with an accent from a far off place much different from Sairane's Speak. "Welcome to Division one" Psalm Of Tuesday X:14 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Once again we found ourselves on a plat-former. See plat-formers Or "plats" as the kids liked to call them, had little actually do with actually being something someone stepped on and everything to do with carrying goods from one place to another. Which would have been fine except with who were we trapped on this plat-former with? On the other side of the platform no more than 150 yards away stood a huge robot. it's huge metal form towering over normal people it's eyes locked on us, But not just us the particular member of our party named Ender. See Ender had a bone to pick with this particular bot because it has recently decided that Ender's vice looked like a good meal. Ender, While a patient man in the short time I had known him seemed to have no patience with the giant bot in front of us. Ender bent his knees as the bot raised one gigantic arm and began to swing down Ender seem vanish but before I had time to find him with my eyes a shock wave hit my body knocking me down. Re-adjusting i looked up to see both Ender and robot had vanished. Mal, sitting next to me laughed and pointed upwards. "Should never get that get heated up about something" Looking up I saw Ender who was easily 100 feet up in the air with the robot. The robot though, had multiple holes in it still red hot from friction and heat, And then to my disbelief and horror in the next moment the robot exploded. Ender seemed to be caught in the explosion for a few moments before I saw him burst out from the shock wave and land on the plat-former shaking for the floating freighter. In his arms a man snoring with a bow in his hand. I mouthed a profanity under my breath astonished by the feat. In the next moment, Ender flashed a smiled and said. "Welcome to Division twelve, we get it done" -Pslam of Tuesday 12:4 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We walked through the town, Our guide the old man named Deckard leading us through each section telling us of the old and vast history of each section. He said they called them "Divisions" And that the town was divided into thirteen of them. The particular one we were walking through was Division VII a place that produced some of strongest Leaders that ran the most marvelous civilizations the world has ever seen. Leaders from all of the world come back twice a year to this place where they learned together as well as grew up together. I noticed as we walked through an archway that rather we rather quickly were in a whole other division. Despite some of the building and architecture being the same it wasn't as expansive or as professional as Division seven was. And in the center of this area of town stood a huge tree, Comparable to the old tales of Yggdrasil the tree of that bound and held the world together. People seemed much more lazed here as well as they played at a much wider array of professions, not just kings, diplomats and leaders. It didn't take long for us the reach the tree in the middle of it. It was surrounded by people who were picnicking and selling goods. These people seemed to truly enjoy each others company. Deckard then turns to speak to us. As he spoke the crowd that was around the tree seemed to become very distant, it was almost as if they were behind a wall. "Welcome to Community division, Where bonds grow strong like the roots of trees. The heart of the D.I.'s Community" At this moment I knew I had found my place, I would spend the rest of my time in D.I. in this Community Division of D.I. -Pslam of Tuesday C:1 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We were lost, In the maze which was the great caverns of D.I. The party was beginning to feel weary. There was no way to tell they were going deeper other than the fact that there were no more windows. The thing though, I'd say, about being lost is that they said it was the only way to find "her", For searching did little to track down the female we were looking for. You see she had a knack for hiding when people were looking. But to not look, to be lost without searching was the true way to find her. And in this case, we truly were. A day later though, the first of the group started losing their own grip on sanity. It was Addulous of their party that this happened too. You see, the caverns at this depth will show you the things your heart truly desire and for Addulous is was images of his dear old dog, Samantha, Long lost but not forgotten, he has ran off into the caves. Screaming that he has sworn he has seen Samantha, that he wouldn't let her go again. Late that night, we assumed anyways when you're in the caverns you cannot behold the daylight anymore. It almost feels like a distant dream. Anyways, Late that night we made camp, Sleeping bags out along with what was left our mountain dew and Doritos we prepared for a long night. Mal was first on watch. see Mal was an old wise man, Not as old as Deckard, but still old and wise. See he has memorized every line of Code of Ops and every Syllabus for D.I's form of magic they called them "Awards" I believe. I Awoke to a blinding light that seemed blearily black and red. Bursting forth from my tent I saw Mal standing across from a beast that looks like a dog, with a man next to it. Mal's staff topped with his black cross, shot blinding specs of red hot and cool gray light at the being. His chants in a language I couldn't understand nor did I have time to because just as I reached the precipice of my tent. The beast and man leaped across the camp directly at Mal. At that moment Mal slammed his staff into the ground. A red light shot from the bottom of his staff projecting out in all directions as a wave of red hot light. When I awoke from being hit from the light, Mal was standing bloodied but standing next to the man and beast. As I got up staring at the beast and the man I realized, It was Addulous, his skin gray and cracked he looked like he has spent far too much time in the sun. At this moment I saw Mal flash a smile, the black cross on his staff seemed almost to flash red in agreement. I will never forget what he said next. "Welcome to D.I" -Psalm Of Tuesday X:2 @Mal

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    0/ gents, A couple add-ons to the fantastic guidelines posted above. Minimum Stream Technical Requirements- 2500kbps@720p Noisegate Compressor Noise Suppression These requirements must be met in order for any person to stream on D.I's twitch. If you have questions about these requirements contact Me.
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