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  1. Here we go again!

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    2. Physics
    3. Azusa


      Well that lasted long 

    4. Azusa


      btw, imitating nightblu3 doesnt make you cool @Physics

  2. interesting stuff


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    2. Falx


      @SiXtYnInEyou might find this interesting: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fermi_paradox , kurzgesagt does 2 whole videos on the Fermi Paradox as well. 


    3. SiXtYnInE


      @Falx I get what he's saying but there is so many other possibilitys and that he hasn't stated that lots of people believe in and are still wondering about. Lifeforms that he's trying to say is that there is aliens on a different planet. But this doesn't have to be the type of lifeform we are looking for. For example there could be microscopic plant cells that are deadly upon touch but, this still counts as a living organism and we should be trying to discover this faster so when we come to the time that we need to move off the earth and find a different habitable planet to look for, we don't discover this just as we are absolutely in desperate need to get off earth.

      Example: What if we touch down on a planet where a lifeform is discovered and it is found out to be hostile and there is absolutely no way we can destroy or neutralize this life and the last of humanity dies? What would be the point of our existence to just completely vanish off the universe with no trace of who or what we were or have became? 

      The example I gave is why I think we should be striving to find lifeforms and more habitable lands to live on and not being afraid to approach different galaxys and possible universes.

    4. Falx


      That's kinda what the Fermi Paradox is about. It's a conflict between arguments of high probability that seem to favor intelligent life being common in the universe, and a total lack of evidence of intelligent life having ever arisen anywhere other than on the Earth. People are wondering that if it's so likely for us to have met extraterrestrial life, "where the hell is everybody??". This is what the paradox is about and people have been trying to explain this paradox for a long time still with no definitive answer. 

      And to answer your example etc., proof of life even as small as habitable planets that have cells/amoebae/bacteria traversing around the planet, is simply non-existent, or at least last time I checked ;). 

      Don't worry though, mankind is too curious and reliant on finding habitable planets to replace earth so I'm sure we'll get somewhere at some point, or we all die :).   

  3. i think not playing Dust 2, Assault and Office is a much safer call XD
  4. Guess who's back ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    2. Nobundo


      Shady's back. Back again! :D

    3. OverwatchTho


      Azusa! Welcome Back Again Friend :D

    4. DanteDarkly


      Damn it @NobundoYou beat me to it!

  5. who wants Azusa to stay? he has been depressed because of some bs that happened recently, and has considered leaving.


    we are his friends, and we want him to stay! right guys!?

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    2. Silicate


      @s0LAI wasn't saying his points were unjustified. I was just saying that I was sorry he felt he had to go. 

    3. s0LA


      @SilicateStimthat wasnt onto your post, either way i would have marked you.


      I mean in general, as you guys may know he is a good friend of mine (still even after DI)

      Therefore i talked with him.


    4. Silicate


      Ah ok @s0LA, I misunderstood. 

  6. Obviously, even though there are ways to get the game cheap for the whole year (Trading Keys for game copies etc.), people tend to just wait for steam sales.
  7. VAC and Overwatch are indeed very flawed. A good programmer/cheat provider can easily get his cheat to work without VAC catching on to it. Overwatch itself is a great idea, but people found ways to trick it. The most common used tactic to avoid getting Overwatch banned is to not play more then 1 Game every 24 Hours. Why? Because you only get into the Overwatch pool if you get 11 or more people reporting you in 24 Hours. Now if the cheater plays with 4 friends he can even play 2 games, since its only 10 reports if both enemy teams report him. People have come up with a way to fight this, by creating Reportbots (ironically mostly used by cheaters against other cheaters) the downside to this is, that you need at least 10 steam accounts with CS:GO on them (considering you reported the hacker as well) and a programm/script to do the job. In addition to that you either need the targets SteamID or the MatchID. Hope i could help you understand why a lot of cheaters don't get banned.
  8. To explain it more in detail: Yes you CAN get a Dragon Lore Drop. Whenever a new Operation gets released you need to buy the pass and play. People that bought the pass get drops from all the standard pools and the "rare pools" but ONLY during the time that specific Operation is live. (Meaning once the Operation is over you cant get the drop anymore until the next one.) So with how CS:GO is looking currently we might never get the chance again. fuck volvo, pls giv new operation ;-;
  9. Have a playlist.

    Hey, i made a playlist with songs i listen to a lot, im gonna add songs every now and then, but there is a lot of different types of music in there :'D
  10. i think im now the highest steam level in the clan :P correct me if im wrong ^-^


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    2. Dom


      I can smell one from a mile away @ImUrX


    3. Azusa


      Yeah, that Damage Inc group makes me look like i love satan :^)

    4. draglyin


      nice  man im only lvl 6 my self