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    "Do you know what I am, butterfly?" the unicorn asked hopefully, and he replied, "Excellent well, you’re a fishmonger. You’re my everything, you are my sunshine, you are old and gray and full of sleep, you’re my pickle-face, consumptive Mary Jane." He paused, fluttering his wings against the wind, and added conversationally, "Your name is a golden bell hung in my heart. I would break my body to pieces to call you once by your name."
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  1. Omg, just saw all of your awards. How can one person have so many?????

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    2. Venomous3


      Yea, sometimes you do way too much zezette :3

    3. 13thShade


      I'm trying to catch up :^)

    4. Zezette


      i used to channel this energy into roleplay posts and coding roleplay forums. i simply hate feeling bored and like having projects.

  2. @Anthonii @Insanity @Boonkin @whiskyturle @Migz @Aerospace @Bonesteel @FingerPrince @Rin Please RSVP to MT https://di.community/calendar/11-clan/ If you want to have an easier time getting the MT reminders, you can follow the calendar to get the same kind of reminder as when i post on this thread https://prnt.sc/i13qup
  3. The end of the fucking world (spoilers)

    I mean the likelihood we exist is a miracle, with all possible combinations of eggs and sperm in existance. But, as kurt vonnegut says, we're all just mud that's lucky enough to see the world and meet other mud.
  4. The end of the fucking world (spoilers)

    LOL i see how the topic title could be misinterpreted
  5. The one time she didnt put caution to the wind and choose to not fuck the guy she loves, he gets shot the next morning. Holy Shit Lol I didn't cry but all the little details in the series made me think a lot about death. From killing the serial killer to killing the dog together, to the death of james's mom. Is life a series of beginnings or a series of endings? Man, do you think she's going to regret not sleeping with james on the beach, or, that it was better she hadn't?
  6. In mass effect, there was a race of aliens who all lived on a special ship since their planet was destroyed. The race was called the quarians. When a quarian reached a certain age, they were forced to leave their mothership to discover who they were,prove their worth, and bring back something of value to the community. The whole process was called a pilgrimage. Sparta did this also. Ever see the movie 100? My point is communities do this and are still communities heheh
  7. We miss you in the secret room of BBB

    1. Zezette


      Its not a secret if u tell everyone :emo-FACE: im behind on my schleep

  8. Star Citizen Players in DI?

    I bought this game in 2014. Still havent played it tho. Id rather wait til its polished.
  9. I had a dream you promoted me to vice of a new CCG division. @Zxcaven bought me special hearthstone cardpacks that said "Congratulations!! Good luck!" when I opened them and my stars popped out, not cards. When I asked you, Shade, who my commander was, you said "Christina."  I said to you "Who's Christina? An initiate??" You just shrugged and said you didn't know.

    So I had to check the mdr, which was on a billboard above a pool.

    1. DrPhilandChill


      Have you been smoking something that's offered behind the scenes on the di.exchange

    2. 13thShade


      Sounds like a good plan. 

      On another note, can you send me whatever you were using last night? I'm stressed ;p

    3. Sif00


      billboard above a pool? hmmm... I always was a fan of... BIKINI !

  10. Ayyy

    hope you come back and finish your application :0 yr name is too boss to lose T.T
  11. im dying 

    idk how the gatekeepers do it |D


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    2. Devin


      How did the rest of the recruitment spree go tho? :)

    3. AlinaStarkova


      if they say "no" you should just decline them (or ask them to fix it lol) ... because they are quite literally saying "No" to applying to DI lmao

    4. Zezette


      I got 2 for rl na last night @Devin. Still haven't beaten my six man record. The recruiting spree starts for fornite starts soon when i roll out of bed and get a glass of chocolate milk. Will you be on for it @Devin?