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    "Do you know what I am, butterfly?" the unicorn asked hopefully, and he replied, "Excellent well, you’re a fishmonger. You’re my everything, you are my sunshine, you are old and gray and full of sleep, you’re my pickle-face, consumptive Mary Jane." He paused, fluttering his wings against the wind, and added conversationally, "Your name is a golden bell hung in my heart. I would break my body to pieces to call you once by your name."
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  1. this is your topics and posts in Opium



    This is mine



    ..... you have more topics, but i beat you in posts >:D

  2. test

    There is, but it might not be a scene they've had much exposure to. Ill tall to them about it sometime this weekend if i can catch them.
  3. test

    Dude you can literally play pomemon showdown on forums with a good set of dice Ahhhhh
  4. The -DI- Food Ilustrated Catalog

    will u be my best buddy if i make it and send you a picture :D ill do if you be my bff
  5. audiosurf is like 6 years old and it generates tracks from the beats of the actual song:




    use this to get the music file of literally any song: http://youtubemp3.to/

    1. Venomous3


      Ohh... Seems a bit weird but looks nice :3

    2. Zezette


      You calling this game weird when you play osu


    3. Venomous3


      Oh god. Well, i think that there are more people who play osu then Audiosurf... 

      At least to me it looks weird :P

  6. How to get a girl to like you

    @Stany1 I personally can't help but like really cute, positive supportive people. But that's just how you get anyone to like you regardless of gender: being cute, positive, and all about resonating the happiness. Also, please forward this message to yr friends who keep asking you this if the are in DI: DI is not tinder. @Sif00 lets just say im not surprised... i dont make these kinds of posts, nor do I know any girls who do here who havent ruined their reputations for doing so. When women in di present themselves as sexually available here, they quickly will find the community hostile here, so to put it simply, any guy who wants that kind of attention from a woman here and successfully pursues it will have effectively undermined her. So fuck the special treatment.
  7. tumblr_mdrga6pW181qd4dt1.gif

    The Ribbon of Zezette's Admiration You have single-handedly been keeping a team of 40 people entertained for about a month to stall until DI-XXI has room to exist as its own independent division. You have hosted about 1-2 events PER DAY for the past 5 weeks and show no signs of relenting. This is an outstanding amount of officer activity and I admire you for it greatly. I'm proud to have you in my CoC, Sally, and I'm stunned by how much you've blossomed as a member of the community. This award grants you access to absolutely nothing but bragging rights that Zezette adores you from the bottom of her Kokoro <3

    1. BDSally


      😂😂😂 thank you it means a lot, wish this showed up in the actual awards bar 👌

      Everyone in the venture been great so far so it's been pretty easy, looking forward to becoming DI-XXI

    2. Jonse


      Put this award in your signature bar @BDSally 

  8. Just an update that I've added a new steam key to the selection for the person who gathers the most event tokens in december: http://store.steampowered.com/app/314660/Oddworld_New_n_Tasty/ Expect a newsletter of events for the coming weekend in your inbox tomorrow :)
  9. The -DI- Food Ilustrated Catalog

    i particularly wanted to show @Folno and @Sif00 this bc we talk abt food alot... So i made this. I cooked a meatball on top of onion slabs so the fat drips down and fried the onion. The meatballs are a combination of veal, parmesian/romano cheese, fresh chopped ginger, and fresh chopped garlic (the ginger mainly added to help with my cold and lost voice.) On top is a scoop of kalamata olive humus. So yeah this is my bachellorette party alone time guilty pleasure spontaneous recipe creation meal :3
  10. "How did you buy this bus if there's no bar code?"

    I love kindergarteners.

    1. Silicate


      Well? How did you buy the bus?

    2. Zezette


      probably involved the RMV

      wish it was just a bar code

  11. Talking about placenta breaking memories today ayyyyy Uuughh this was all high school for me and i thought it was so obnoxious.
  12. Beaten you for social event tokens :)

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Asteroid


      Don't hate me cos you ain't me :P

      I'm just organized and time my work around them tokens, I WANT THEM ALL!!

      P.S. I do wonder if I'm breaking some sort of record for most events as a pleb? :D

    3. Zezette


      The only one who vould have possibly beaten you in di history is @Worstnightmare

    4. Asteroid


      I still have time ;)

  13. d2e0319b2fb59e5c1141e3b3c6b84bb7.png

    i don't know how da fuq i've ended up with 5 soraka skins

    i don't even play her


    ...4 out of 5 were gifts


    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. Gmot


      i just wanna be a gundam....

    3. Zezette


      The purple themed one will have to be renamed bc i frankly dont trust the vommunity to not take it the right way. What do you think of Steam Punk for a replacement? Either that or Ninja?

    4. Gmot


      ninja if we're going with that overall theme.