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    I´m working in the emergency also I am a volunteer firefighter. I do some athletics workout and like to Ski alot.
    And ofcours I´m a gamer playing mainly CS:GO.
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    December 2016
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  1. A big thank you to all.

    @Fenyks welcome man, was fun to play with you ;D
  2. Happy birthday my friend=)))

  3. Happy Birthday my fellow DMOTH! :D

    1. Dom


      Division Member of the H?

    2. OverwatchTho


      Shit my it was late man :(


  4. Happy Birthday :D

  5. Hello Damage Inc.

    Nice to have you here!
  6. i googled a signature site where you get a link :D
  7. NiP stole my heart the first time I watched pro CS :D Dreamhack Winter 2014 Finals
  8. Hello all!

    hey man :) nice to have nwe ppl in the VI devision
  9. WarOwl is very great because he makes educational videos explaining the game how to play it and make you understand the game also he has a great sens of humor in my opinion :) Also Thoorin is a great youtuber I mean there is no gameplay on his vids but he is talking about the proffesional CS scene in a very profesional way, you get so many informations out of his vids :D
  10. New here

    hey man welcome to the clan, for sure you will find some ppl to play with !:)
  11. this why only knooobz play with p2k @Kruk @Splussif you dont agree with me we 1v1 than we will see :P
  12. 400 DPI and 1.75 sens low sens high skill this how CS works :P
  13. Rogue One

    in a negative way ? @Furi
  14. Rogue One

    hey guys do any of you have seen the new starwars film? If yes what do you think about it ??