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    lol alright
  2. Favorite Quotes

    close only moe's pussy was soaking wet
  3. Favorite Quotes

    it was indeed quite lovely
  4. Favorite Quotes

    "that won't be necessary *bonks head knocking guy out*" quote from star wars fuck yeah
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    lol nice I qualified
  6. Favorite movie /series / anime?

    well robert williams was my favorite comedian as a kid and honestly if you don't know how what he is in is special over other comedies you won't get it game of thrones is obvious it's not like there's more than 20 ppl who have access to it that don't watch it mirai niki is a fucking trip it's about these 2 high schoolers who have basically blogs they update constantly on their phones and they along with a bunch of other kids get pit against eachother in a sort of death match free for all by the god of time who is deteriorating and thus the winner will assume the role of the lord of time and space and it focuses on these 2 kids who like fall for eachother and it just becomes more and more trippy as it goes on and the ending is something no one would have expected
  7. Favorite movie /series / anime?

    movie basically anything robin williams series game of thrones anime by far mirai niki or future diary
  8. so I think that dota is giving me this as a birthday present and also I'd like to stay that there's 31 minutes left until they release patch notes and I'm starting to panic and hoping it's a good birthday present and not like a store bought cake where they put no real effort in and the decided on chocolate even though everyone knows the best kind of cake is pie because cake sucks
  9. well I also had repel and saved it for things like that and my am would get out with a sliver left most of the time but like I saved him enough that he got nice and fat and then faceless couldn't do much about him anymore
  10. what I mean is I was an omni in lane protecting my antimage carry and the other team had a void and I saved my antimage from the enemy void multiple times with omni ulti
  11. ikr either it's because he puts a link or pic like this where it's detailed as fuck or he writes it out detailed as fuck and there's like no way to misunderstand it unless you just don't remember because it was so fucking long and I love it <3 yosa you raging mofo
  12. they have it saved? send me the link I missed some of EG's games and I love those fuckers
  13. so funny cooincidence but however I just played an omni game where a couple people were calling me out and like calling me shit but basically since minute 0 of the game I was basically making sure the anti mage on my team was safe so like the enemy faceless would crono him and I'd run near him and ulti to stop any death stuff from happening and like fuck those who are like ur bad in the early game because I made sure my carry lived and got 5/6 slotted fast enough to beat the shit out the enemy
  14. I fucking love wings thought honestly though like as far as players go I hate people who spam like 2-3 heroes it's just boring and honestly my favotite player forever has and always will be FEAR because that mother fucker played every hero in the book and their mother but like that's why I love wings sure they're chinese and I mostly want EG to win beause patriotism and such but wings does any hero that is available in the game because they can play dota not 2-3 heroes like honestly if you spam am then you can't play dota you can play am like for reals brahs