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  1. Mr. Robot is straight up amazing.

    Bit too much of a mind fuck and forever twisting the plot. The predecessor to this genre is M. Night Shamalama and look where he is now ! :D
  2. What is your stand on Net Neutrality?

    This is why I believe corporate America is in an era of utter control over all facets of government. #metal foil hat
  3. 1st person all the way especially now with vaulting! You can hide behind a wall and jump over it as someone walks by :( how fucked is that!
  4. That is the slogan for rohypnol. RIP
  5. Knolz's New Hair Cut

  6. High school/Military/College

    Forgive my veil of Pessimism. My major and college had a specific curriculum and to generalize is a fallacy. Do your research on the curriculum and the college and the classes! I would go as far to talk to teachers, students, and find questions to ask for what you want to do. And your education is what you make of it. Think of college as a conduit with resources and people(PEOPLE IS KEY BECAUSE WHO YOU GET TO KNOW MATTERS IN SOME SENSE) it is what you do with it that matters. A lot of college is making the best of what you are given and not doing the bare minimum. Not everything will be useful, but you have to balance the ability to detect what you find useful and not useful. Also WHAT YOU THINK YOU WANT TO DO NOW COULD CHANGE. THE WORKING WORLD IS A DARK WORLD. No one will hold your hand and college has a way of holding your hand. But part of the reason why college is important is that it is a sort of safe space where you can avoid worrying about rent, money, and working to make ends meet for a time to explore the possibilities this world holds. FORGIVE ME FOR SOUNDING LIKE A CLICHE.
  7. High school/Military/College

    I had a major in architecture and studied for 5 years to get my bachelors. I did have internships and stuff but I should have had more internships starting after 2nd year but college should not all be spent on studying for your career. Also I wish I took more classes outside of my major for just overall enrichment and study of all. Do classes even if it isn't towards your major. But you will always have regrets but college was a great experience overall. The cost, however, is a bit crude for what you can achieve by your own means as well. Education is a bit too systematically governing over what we become .
  8. I'll start with myself for instance. I have uninstalled 2 times. First time was due to fatigue in all honesty in solo ranked games and competitive play. I can sometimes be a tryhard gamer and I tried at one point in life to become a challenger level player with a team of misfits that join together and play every week to work towards tournaments and just a true sense of a competitive game. Teams formed, fell apart, grew apart and died. Solo play became my vice to get to the higher ranks and climb the ladder from hell that causes all players (ICARUSES) to fly to high to only see their wings burn. The Developers at Riot were my enemies. Every patch a new op start came alive for players to jump on and play towards the meta to win free elo and climb the hellish ladder. Meanwhile I had a sense of right and wrong and tried to be a jack of all trades and adapt the old to the new without abusing the meta. The rage grew over time. The more knowledge you gain became more useless when trying to apply it to those with the mentality of I am god or meta is god. The rage killed my love and led me to put down the game for more or less for good. Second time was for more or less the same reason
  9. Have you ever uninstalled League of Legends? If so, tell me your story? Also how many times has one uninstalled. I am not trying too cause trouble. But League has a of way of breaking people in my opinion. The rage is real.
  10. High school/Military/College

    I am in full agreement but not many life paths offer the opportunity to come to such realization
  11. Does it have to have a driveway to be considered fast food? Dick's Drive In Nothing like a good ole burger fries and milkshake. Not the best quality always but better than the MickeyD's corporation burger from hell.
  12. High school/Military/College

    What really fucks with me is would I have needed college and high school to realize i didn't need my education to be where I am today. Or did they in fact teach me well enough to be a individual that thinks for himself that could now having been reborn into another life take that alternate path. MIND FUCK
  13. My rules I live by: 1. Question Everything I refuse to be a sheep and like to be the devil's advocate. Even in areas of contention, where I am strongly in favor of one side, I can become two faced and try and look at from the outside. I find this rule has made me more pessimistic over time. But in the end I think it will save me from being complacent in life. 2. Take the Good with the Bad This rule is really hard to follow for the most part because you have to recognize a part of yourself that is evil which most like to ignore. I believe life is a struggle between balancing the good with the bad. Sadly I must recognize that Evil is Necessary to some Extent.
  14. THE SILENT KILLER THE BUGGY OF DEATH. Seeing the loudest vehicle in the game drive by me with no sound I wanted to call hacks.