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  1. Ooops, meant to delete my comment about the discord link (didn't think I should have left the link just out in the open) accidentally deleted your status instead. RIP :(((( srrry

    1. S0rGen


      Don't worry lol

  2. Potential DnD Campaign

    I do love D&D gamer. Id be interested. I've played a full 5e campaign, a couple one-shots here, and am currently apart of a continiously active 5e group. I am always looking to play with new DM's to keep the game fresh. Let me know if you have slots.
  3. Ask your Valentine <3

    Now you just need to tell us long stories or use a brush on your microphone.
  4. Ask your Valentine <3

    LOL that dota valentine.
  5. Perfect I'll take it. I could use some good vibes on the DI Forums anyways.
  6. Super Bowl 52 Predictions?

    What's the super bowl?
  7. LMAO. but you found your other mate @CyberpunkPie
  8. MY GOD WHAT IS THIS...............................
  9. Bring back @Tyrant. We need more rune topics. But mine is still bounty. As a support its crucial.
  10. @shawdowfax did you join the DI steam group? It should be on the front page, you can see everyone playing Dota 2 even if you aren't friends.
  11. I learned by playing a lot of Crystal Maiden. You have to know how to play aggressive but stay alive. And then find farm for yourself while still protecting your carry. CM is good to learn on because she is really squishy, so the first few games will be hard but after that the other beefier supports will feel much easier.
  12. Please do. He asked for a tip and that was quite a good tip I gave. It's better to know when you are going to die and when you aren't going to die. That way your overall decision making gets better. But please do report me for spamming. I welcome it.
  13. We are twins. I've learned so much about you.
  14. https://www.buzzfeed.com/joannaborns/what-kind-of-garbage-are-you?utm_term=.yuyN1zpN6#.pm0pbrYpR You got: Pizza box You're an empty pizza box. There might even be a little pizza in you. You're a good omen. You stand for everything beautiful. Everything that is pizza.