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  1. Do not feel this way! We are happy that you are back Thor!!!
  2. Just keep trying to recruit!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. AlwaysSlayin


      I would help, but my PC rejects all downloads! ;-; keep going, you got this!

    3. Snek
    4. jojopheonix


      No matter how tough it seems, no matter how many give excuses

      no matter how they say no

      go back later, and try again with someone new


      do not let it get you down, and do not let it phase you in any way

      every no is one closer to a yes

      and every 10 yes's equals a YES PLEASE !!!


      and they are the ones who stick around :)


      no retreat no surrender, we dont give in, coz we aren't pretenders!

      DI Babes all the way DDD :)

  3. Forget everything else I have done, apparently my only purpose is to do more paperwork, and keep people out of trouble!!!!

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    2. AlwaysSlayin


      Well, it's good that you are letting us know, you are a human being, and people need to know that you have feelings and stresses too! Don't do anything if you don't feel comfortable, and if you don't wanna go on being vice, then that's fine too. Do whatever makes you happy!

    3. jojopheonix


      Sometimes the hardest work is the most undervalued, sometimes the hardest worker is the one unseen

      sometimes we forget to say thankyou

    4. Boxy


      DDD we here to help Div III loves u

  4. Counting, Counting, Counting..... More Counting....

    I feel bad for Division II during the challenge.... Division III is killing it with these scouting events!!!!!

    1. Snek


      @Jammychgowe got some fightin' words here

    2. DDD


      Just some friendly competition.

  5. Related image

    1. SiXtYnInE


      "The world is full of magic things basically just waiting for our senses to grow sharper. That won't happened if we all are afraid to oppose what is fact." -Oliver Sykes 

      Oliver Sykes is my fucking idol. <3

    2. DDD
  6. Image result for warrior quotes

    1. nightmareorigin


      great picture DDD. Really like it. 

    2. SiXtYnInE
    3. DDD


      Thanks. I think I will make this a thing.

  7. Initiate Elmirin.

    Hiya Andrew, Do what merf says and you should be able to make that post count. You are a pleasure to have on my team, and I can't wait to see what all you will do with DI!!
  8. DDD Intoduction

    Me too.
  9. Okay, so this has just become part of my research. Thanks Ladies for the insight on this.
  10. But is it really worth the research? I really want to know before I do it. The video was kind of helpful, but I would like to know from someone who has it maxed.
  11. Great read. Can't wait to put it to good use! Thank you Snek for this.