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  1. Let's build a game together :D

    Ok i will help you by adding some information: The language will be the normal language from a user, but encrypted. They will see a text like: "ajsgö eilas ilst ask". The more they communicate with people, the more the learn and text slowly involves into: "Hey i tiaölng and i am aötlsk sl help you". U are pretty close with magic already, it will be 2 universes connected with each other. Its an exact copy of the map, which the player will realise later in the game. He got "teleported" into the other universe, which is already a high advanced one. modern World. Like what we have right now. U totally guessed right with the spot which he found: The Girl is a farmers Girl. The Farm is in a small village. Next to it, there will be the big modern city. Magic? Who knows... some people said, that weird things happened in the past. A car crashed on the highway, but noone has ever found the wreck. People and animals disappear... Some say, that weird things happen at the house on top of the big mountain...
  2. Well a speedtest does not show how stable your connection is.. :D https://i.imgur.com/BctMaex.png
  3. Hobbies everyone into?

    I am flying with my rc planes :D just recently bought a Yak 54. Pretty sick to fly it. Around 2.3 meters wingspan and a 3kW Electric engine give that thing waay too much power :D
  4. Yes. Thats me lol, u can even see my big eyes! XDD
  5. Hey guyz and girls, Im @Edge300 and im developing games for fun since 3 years now. I just started studying game Development and i wanna create a game while doing that :) So i just came up with a pretty interesting idea: Lets build a game together. Everyone in here should get involved. You can write parts of the story, continue some parts ,add new characters or mechanics :D It will be some kinda low poly/voxelart RPG. Lets start with the story: It was a very dark night... it was my first time, that i was allowed to go hunt with my tribe. I just turned 16, thats the reason why i am allowed to do that now. I am so exited! ~30 minutes later We are comming back from our glorious hunting session. We got 2 big deers. In the night after that one, the old members of the tribe met up and started to pray. They thanked our gods for giving us those deers. Of course i am not allowed to take part in that ritual... i hate that. So like usual, i go into the forest and watch the flowers and animals. I went to a very mystic place. All plants seem to shine bright in the moonlight. A very romantic and mystical atmosphere. I was chilling there for almost a full hour, when i heard something very close... i think its a deer. Two green Cateyes suddenly appeared in the bushes very close to me. They were staring at me. I stood up to take a closer look, when suddenly more eyes appeared and they started running towards me. I paniced and ran back to my village. They are chasing me and almost cought up! I am dead... i am so dead... It suddenly started raining and the wind got stronger and stronger... When i arrived in our village, i ran straight to our elders. They got pretty mad, because i interupted their praying process. I was yelling at them, but the storm was getting louder. Our huts got hit by several thunderstrikes and cought on fire. When they finally understood what i was yelling at them, all of them ran out and started defending the town from this cat.. humans? It was a mess, everything was burning. I was getting dizzy because of the smoke, but this was not my biggest problem... I got hit by the thunder. Everything was suddenly white. I could not move anymore.. was not able to feel any parts of my body... i fainted... I woke up in a forest. No clue where i am. What happened? Who am i? What is this place?! I started walking towards the light. I guess it is the end of this forest, oh wow! I found a big structure! Fences everywhere and that looks like some delicious cows there. I should try to hunt those! I took the stone next to me and started charging towards the cows, when suddenly an young girl with a strawhat yelled something at me. I did not understand her language, but i can see fire in her eyes. This cows belong to her? Let me know what should happen next :D Lets see how far we can get :D
  6. A pretty Hot one :D without salt thou <3
  7. Star Citizen Players in DI?

    I own a Freelancer Max aswell :D hope it gets released soon. The Stock Freelancer is boring... only 66SCU. Im at around 700k aUEC already xD but hard to get alot of aUEC with that small cargospace. I just want to get that freakin HULL C. I will pay for that, i love CIG and i will give them more money <3 best game ever
  8. What do you study?

    Game Development :D
  9. I just made the 1400 Post LUL. 1400 reasons, why cats are just great :D I need cats on my side all the time. I love your pics guys :D
  10. What do you do on a rainy day?

    Well, usually im gaming, but there is no difference to a sunny day :D
  11. Star Citizen Players in DI?

    YES Following since Kickstarter, pledged one year ago and just upgraded to freelancer max :D Trying to get a Hull E before game releases :) I am so hyped. I trust those devs.. they made it freakin far already. The basement of the game is almost done :) add me on steam :D
  12. Well.. the only rank which matters, is SOLO Standard <3
  13. Yep, u can learn alot in 1s :) Basically, 1s is describing mainly dribbling and 50/50 skill (also tilting, but im a very calm person ingame, so it does not really apply on me) The Solostandard Rank/Growth/Activity shows on how good you can carry or adapt to your teammates (Im not good enough anymore for carrying, so it does not apply) Doubles rank is higher and has a better grow then standard, so i assume that i might have a problem with a third person in rotation, positioning. I have to improve on that. -> Compairing with the solo Standard, i could say that i play more aggresive with people i actually know. In Solostandard i am playing more safe - watching my mates even more and try to adapt. Maybe u can read it now :D Not sure if it makes sense at all, but it actually fits perfectly to my role xD