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  1. If she knows her shit, at least one of your team is not losing his lane Why only one boot though?
  2. If you are booster you don't need to ask this. If you have 51% winrate, continue playing. If you are in a trench, go unranked until you are definitely 1K higher.
  3. Still not upgrading the quality of games, but a big buff to Tiny.
  4. Report is usually worthless unless you all agree on that.
  5. Necrophos walks into a bar, and there is no counter.
  6. Dead Profit is also popular in pro games
  7. Fix your behavior score by playing unranked, and say you will commend (insert hero name of best player of every team ) (at the end of match) Report only people who deliberately decide to feed (and it's not just rly bad play).
  8. Good when you watch it via stream, you get to know a lot of advices (if they do, like ybicannobov)
  9. Well, on safelane as rightclicker is Venomance rpopular. On mid, I have seen Ursa few times recently.
  10. Lina is actually pretty normal mid, you have to protect her as a glass cannon. Otherwise you gotta play Lina as a normal support, but Bloodstone helps her farm.