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  1. not that I know of, but I will be the DJ to his wedding for the sole purpose of the game music
  2. I have a feeling Korea may get auto banned
  3. Im going to get it tomorrow, I got some giftcards the other day for my birthday, so some of it will go towards R & F.
  4. They may still be broken, from what I have seen, when you start a game, you pick R & f as a different ruleset, which may change the way some things are affected. Im pretty sure CQUI is broken by it, as I know one or 2 new resources were added, and a handful of tech changes, like a massive trade route nerf
  5. preferably R & F, Ive been watching quil18 and he has like 3-4 lets plays for various civs in the expansion so I have a general idea on who is good and how some gameplay mechanics are flushed out. I'll definitely say its going to be hard to forward settle.
  6. *Plays song back to back at his wedding*
  7. Who would be up for trying to get some games together? @Gammaray @DASGUTENBRAT If at all possible we can try to make it into an event. It wouldn't be a super competitive game, mostly just finding leaders we all like and getting used to new game mechanics
  8. Not sure there has been a new civ that effectively takes control of the loyalty scale, but from watching some videos on youtube that people like Quill18, it seems like loyalty will mainly be a late game thing, but does affect city placement somewhat in the early game.
  9. (SPOILERS) Game of Thrones Season 7 Discussion

    made sense though, baelish lived like a bitch, needed to die like one too. "He is the son of rhaegar"....balls deep in dany
  10. (SPOILERS) Game of Thrones Season 7 Discussion

    Honestly, best episode in a while.
  11. Ill say it like this, Overwatch is a better game, but for the cost. I would say Paladins is better. While similar, they do have important differences, such as paladins is more of a Moba fps, while Overwatch is a fps. Also the environment each game is set in different, such as Overwatch is sci-fi/realistic future themed, while Paladins is a fantasy themed game. lastly, Paladins is still in beta, so some things like lore have not really been touched, if they ever will.

    The way I heard it, is although you can't have the geass and code from the same person, when Lelouch's father was killed the second time, it allowed him to get the code that was originally from V2, so in the finale of season 2, his death activated the code, thus granting him immortality. Now he has the code from V2, immunity from geass, and the geass from C2.
  13. (SPOILERS) Game of Thrones Season 7 Discussion

    ben is the guy who doesn't get invited to parties
  14. (SPOILERS) Game of Thrones Season 7 Discussion

    The night king pulled a Kobe and shot down one of them.
  15. (SPOILERS) Game of Thrones Season 7 Discussion

    I have a feeling the hound will die next episode