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    Dealing out the agony within
    Charging hard and no one's gonna give in
    Living on your knees, conformity
    Or dying on your feet for honesty
    Inbred, our bodies work as one
    Bloody, but never cry submission
    Following our instinct not a trend
    Go against the grain until the end

    Blood will follow blood
    Dying time is here
    Damage Incorporated

    Slamming through, don't fuck with razorback
    Stepping out you'll feel our hell on your back
    Blood follows blood and we make sure
    Life ain't for you and we're the cure
    Honesty is my only excuse
    Try to rob us of it, but it's no use
    Steamroller action crushing all
    Victim is your name and you shall fall

    Blood will follow blood
    Dying time is here
    Damage Incorporated

    We chew and spit you out
    We laugh, you scream and shout
    All flee, with fear you run
    You'll know just where we come from
    Damage incorporated

    Damage jackals ripping right through you
    Sight and smell of this, it gets me goin'
    Know just how to get just what we want
    Tear it from your soul in nightly hunt
    Fuck it all and fucking no regrets
    Never happy ending on these dark sets
    All's fair for Damage Inc. you see
    Step a little closer if you please

    Blood will follow blood
    Dying, dying time is here
    Damage incorporated
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    November 2016
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    Stronghold Kingdoms
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    Stronghold Kingdoms

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    Casual B

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  1. My name is RJKJS :^)

    hi R.J i don't play either game, but i know you will have loads of fun here.
  2. Once, I was almost arrested in a chicken suit.

    hi welcome to DI. hope this becomes your second home
  3. Bastards intro

    hi my friend there will always be someone here willing to play with you. Have a good one
  4. Nice to meet you!

    hey mate welcome
  5. Hello all

    hi welcome i'll have the resato. don't worry my spelling sucks
  6. PotsNPans - Overwatch Team Main Healer!

    HEYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Congrads
  7. Hello Everybody!

    i like sexy head shots, but i don't play rust
  8. Hey everyone!

    welcome! i hope one of those games will be stronghold kingdoms
  9. Ayyy lmao

    LMAO machine broke
  10. Ayyy lmao

    wuss popping jimbo the floor is having it boneless
  11. this is a new place innit?

    hi! JUST LEAVE MY CHICKEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
  12. whats up

    hi welcome.
  13. I like shorts

    hi my friend welcome there is quite a few pokemon players here enjoy yourself
  14. Hello everyone, I love cats ^-^

    hi there i also love pwudy cats welcome to your new home! i guess i'll have to put butter on your paws
  15. cheers everyone

    hi there and welcome