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  1. Survey PLEASE HELP

    6 on a weekday 12-15 on a weekend
  2. Favorite Quotes

    @TheGamer777We have an imposter, there is only one true gamer!
  3. Favorite Quotes

    And that, is how rednecks were born.
  4. February PC Builds

    Useful topic :D
  5. When you get rust in your eye and it goes all bloodshot :^)

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Xenith


      Everyone says it's karma... As if I'd do anything bad :^)

    3. Siren


      It's your secret super-powers coming out. Haven't you ever watched anime before :^)?

    4. Worstnightmare


      And its so secret that he dosent even know it

  6. Amateur musicians/composers?

    Oh wow, if only it was like that now :(
  7. Working on a wallpaper for DI

    This is great already, can't wait to see it finished :D
  8. Amateur musicians/composers?

    $40 an hour cheapest for me, I get $10 a month :^)
  9. Amateur musicians/composers?

    Awesome! I would love a guitar tutor it would help me so much, but no way am I ever affording one :P
  10. Amateur musicians/composers?

    Tell me about it :( What's your bands name? I'd like to hear some stuff.
  11. Amateur musicians/composers?

    @YubYub1983It's annoying, I've actually been playing for a few months and can play quite a lot of solo's and tricky/fast songs, and I also know all the important chords and scales. Guess it's just repetition until it finally gets into me ;-;
  12. The best Anime ever

    Interesting talent. let's go full homo ;)
  13. The best Anime ever

    I'm assuming you don't hate dicks? :^)
  14. Amateur musicians/composers?

    Alt picking and (alt?) strumming power chords, more specifically in the style of metal genres. @AlinaStarkovaYou can't even play yours yet so I'm afraid I shall be encouraged :^)