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  1. Quest: Watch and Learn! Description: Watch a friend win in Spectator Mode. ID and Server: K4r4b4s4N#1989 (EU) Active: No
  2. Quest: Play a Friend! Description: Play a friend, you both earn a reward! ID and Server: K4r4b4s4N#1989 (EU) Active: Yes
  3. Memorable OLD games

    As I mentioned in my introduction topic, games I used to play like crazy (at least 2000 hours) are Warcraft III: Frozen Throne Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Age of Empires 2: Conquerors Knight Online Counter Strike 1.3 / 1.5 Counter Strike: Nexon Zombies Half Life Quake 3: Arena Nexuiz Classic Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Lotus III: The Ultimate Challange (dos) Prehistorik 2 (dos) Captain Tsubasa II (nes)
  4. Quest: Watch and Learn! ID and Server: K4r4b4s4N#1989 (EU) Active: No
  5. You can try area companion. It is very useful. I found it when I installed overwolf extension to my teamspeak.
  6. I have trouble at finding friends to complete some quests like "Watch and learn!" and "Play with your friend!". Lets send requests here and help each other. Remember to refer your battle.net id and your server name. You can use this template: Quest: Watch and Learn! ID and Server: K4r4b4s4N#1989 (EU) (careful there is no space between nickname and number) Completed: Yes (try to update status when you finish so that we can know)
  7. I don't have " q t d x b 3 7 , . alt and bckspace" chars on my keyboard for 3 days :angry:

    1. Snek


      Bit random haha, spilled drink accident?

    2. Tilac1988
  8. @Shinji you can find stats of some of our members under this topic, and can you send your stats here please ?
  9. My favourite actor that involve in Martial art is Jackie Chan.
  10. can you tell me the weakness of this castle design ?
  11. I know bioMonster, that doesn't matter :D thanks for sending your stats
  12. The dark web

    did anyone find something interesting ?
  13. The dark web

    I once tried to connect by tor. Website names was randomly chosen(thats why you cant enter a website if you dont know the exact address) and urls didnt start with "www." and end with com, net, org etc. I found safe urls from some websites and entered them. I believe they all were fake (if you pay for something they will probably swindle you). Im in doubt if one can easily find a real website there.
  14. I have completed 357 researches and after reading this topic, I noticed that my "Tools" research is level 1