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  1. *Insert Clickbait Title Here*

    Moved to Spam forum as this is indeed what this is
  2. December 2017 Cohort Signature choice

    i mean, i get it, the position + the exposed looking butt kinda looks like something else.... which is why i said its leaderships call on that one lol
  3. December 2017 Cohort Signature choice

    im 99% sure all 15 yr olds have seen a butt before..... and im 100% sure a 15 yr old girl knows all about the butt considering appearance is everything to a girl but wether its deemed nsfw in regards to gaining sponsorship is up to leadership, cuz its just a cookie shaped like a butt, thats fine to me imho
  4. Well, RIP..... seems the Grace Period to transfer the SHK account over is over.... i find this extremely unfair since there was no emails sent, no SHK news, no NOTHING denoting anything about this.... what about the people who spent $100s on SHK and missed the grace period? im almost certain that not transfering or giving some kind of compensation while NOT warning users of this happening is almost certainly worthy of court action (not that im gonna do anything, but this is literally retarded)


    idk fam, i might not get into SHK again, im seriously not going to start from scratch, thats stupid, this whole situation is stupid

    1. AlinaStarkova


      there are only two places i can see that mentions this happening




      and Here:



      both of which have very little replies so clearly nobody really saw it

      AND, neither says anything about a grace period. and doing a google search about it brings up nothing else


      so again, im no law expert, but im almost certain this is something court worthy, unless the ToS says they can explicitly deny you an account transfer with no compensation, then im certain they cannot legally do this :/

  5. December 2017 Cohort Signature choice

    you have to repost them using the link of the picture from inside the album
  6. RIP, i planned to join GC3 the day it came out and i totes forgot .... whoops

    going to download SHK again now

    1. AlinaStarkova


      Update, seems Aeria Ignite, which is what i played SHK on, doesnt support SHK now.... so i have to get my account transfered first, which may take a couple days



  7. December 2017 Cohort Signature choice

    google photos didnt work because the photos on it are private by default to make them public, you have to make a "Public Album" and add any photos you want to be public into it
  8. Mentor


    1. AlinaStarkova
    2. Zezette


      I feel like a xmas elf

    3. AlinaStarkova


      Well....... thata just how the colours stacked up. Members are green, and hearts are red :3

    1. AFDragon


      It should be back up now? 

    2. AlinaStarkova


      it is, but i couldnt get on for about 30 mins lmao... but its not that it was "down"


      if you check the last line it was that the server was full apparently @AFDragon lmao

    3. AFDragon


      It has been sent to the wizards of teamspeak

  9. December 2017 Cohort Signature discussion

    Yes, next to each voted option on the poll, there is a little icon of a human head/shoulders.... as long as you have the option ticked to see who votes for each option, anyone can click this icon and it brings up a popup box which shows everyone who voted for that option if you want i can make the poll for you
  10. December 2017 Cohort Signature discussion

    polls have an option to show who all votes for each option :D
  11. WARNING: text below describes a bloody situation, if you dont like blood dont open it :D




    Looks like i need new shoes :D

    I got home and my foot got rekt, seems the friction against my shoe tore all the skin on my heel open through my sock, so theres blood all over my shoe, foot, my sock is ruined, and now i have a massive bandaid on my foot :D




    1. Solxius


      Oh god damn, are you okay? That sounds really painful.

    2. Sendrill


      No way I had the same thing happen to me years ago!

      Pain in the ass to clean up and to deal with but I hope everything goes well and that you are doing good.  Hope it heals fast, get better soon.


    3. wetletus


      Hope its not to painful and your heel heals quickly.