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  1. How to change profile picture?

    Reg guests cant edit their pictures
  2. Going for that 2 year officership award, it better look nice when i get there


  3. Godfather, a inside job?

    I actually find this odd as well, in order for the Bot to delete itself and post a reply in the deletion logs he would have to be active on the forums, and the criteria for deletion required like 6 months inactivity .... i dont think he just randomly deleted himself, i think someone was messing with his settings and forgot to turn him off and so he deleted himself when the settings matched criteria for a second :V
  4. Since I we now have Odin i have re-embraced the Viking in me @AFDragon

    I made a new banner above, do you like it AFDragon?

    theres a secret to it, if you hover over my pfp on this status update and look at the banner in my preview box, it now has writing under a red cutout :D

    im thinking of making the wording there be a quote from the show Vikings :D

  5. Hey, you have a Black Cross, you know you can get your Elder Achievement yes? lol

    1. Atomiccow


      I don't have a Black Cross unfortunately, just the special ribbon :(

      Unless the special ribbon also counts towards Elder in the same way Black Cross does? 

    2. AlinaStarkova


      Oh :( i thought they were the same :(

  6. Members with nice handwriting, how?

    maybe its talent, maybe its maybeline (on topic: most people are born with it, others practice a lot, personally my handwritings so bad even I cant read it, so i dont write irl, i bring a laptop everywhere and use that to type what i need)
  7. 80 Honor Points and 110 Prestige

    20 more Honor Points and ill have Elder which also brings me up to 190 Prestige 


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    2. Sona
    3. Vegas


      I think Prestige is the next Crypto Currency that @GreatJackal is going to introduce, buh bye Bitcoin!

      But this is a secret so don't tell anyone!

    4. Specctre


      Prestige gives you a scale on how hard achievements are to get, they hold no value like Honour Points.

  8. What Furry Friends do you have?

    At first i thought you meant friends who are *furries* |•_•|
  9. @Tuesday can i be your round table co host even tho i dont speak or have a camera?


    if not can i be the stream mascot? :^)

    1. Razgriz


      Stream mascot for sure. Oooooorrrrr..... I have another idea.


  10. if IM stands for Initiate Manager, but im a Mentor Manager, does that make me MM aka an M&M?

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    2. Razgriz


      I've wondered this myself, but even more of a question is... which color M&M will I be?

    3. AFDragon


      Or maybe it's just MM like the very expresive romanian abreviation @Sif00 :orange:

    4. Sif00


      hehe, indeed Dragon, stop teaching them our secret ways !

  11. i have the best negotiating skills, my assistant manager asked if i would like to transfer to the bakery (since ive been working there to help out the past few weeks) but it will give me lower wage, but higher hours..... i said ill work whever you tell me too, but i cant afford lower wages, so she said she will keep me on my current job (produce) to continue getting produce pay, but she will schedule me in bakery indefinately to get bakery hours best of both worlds,

    i have the best negotating skills 2k18 :V

    1. mema224


      Negotiation 100 :wutwutwut:

  12. Should all drugs be legal

    age minimum for the clan is 15, i wouldnt call us all adults
  13. Should all drugs be legal

    1. wtf, holy crap, no "free" drugs, thats asking for a drug addiction epidemic 2. they dont need to be "free" for drug dealers to go out of buisness, if drugs were legal and could be bought at a pharmacy, everyone would buy there as its safer then the crap you get off the streets i was more referring to the fact that he admitted it was controversial .... lol
  14. Should all drugs be legal