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  1. Shiny Level 3 Rattata on Route 1 in Leaf Green. Luckily it was my second pass and I did have balls. Unfortunately, it was a Rattata, and the evolution shiny was pretty terrible.
  2. Shiinotic @ Leftovers Ability: Effect Spore EVs: 248 HP / 8 SpA / 252 SpD Calm Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Spore - Strength Sap - Moonblast - Substitute Enough said. My top 3: 1. Starmie. 2. Starmie. 3. Starmie.
  3. I think part of the reason is it's uncatchable in Gen 4 without cheats outside of Japan. Which is unfortunate :(
  4. ^ This is what I was going to say. I feel like Darkrai is often forgotten too though.
  5. Inspired from a Reddit thread I saw earlier, if you could change anything about any Pokémon (i.e. one stat, ability, type or adding 1 move), which Pokémon would benefit the most? I'll put in my thoughts later on in the thread. Discuss! @TheGamer777 Don't say something unreasonable, like giving Magikarp an extra 300 BST...
  6. I like themed team-building. For example, we randomize a pokemon from the Tier or the below BL tier and build around it! Or we could do Doggo, or Christmas, whatever we judge to be fun!
  7. Happy Belated big guy! Your words from the First Movie will stay with me always.
  8. Out of curiosity, how many shinies do you currently have in Fire Red? I have 4: Butterfree: Found as a Metapod at lvl 4 during a Speed Run (which I inadvertently stopped lol) in the Viridian Forest. Starmie: Found as a Staryu on Route 21 (South of Pallet). Took me 3 weeks during a summer to find a single shiny but it was totally worth it. Alakazam: I read about the buying a whole box of Abra's shiny strategy somewhere and got one in my first box! Rash nature makes it more than usable in that Gen. Funnily enough, I've bought more than 150 more boxes since then and still not found another. (I have been trying Clefairy though). Tangela: Found 2 days after Staryu while I was completing the Pokedex. I have also found a Shiny Tauros and Shiny Venomoth, but my brother restarted my Diamond file, which I had transferred them to before I started leaving them in Gen 3, so they've been lost :(
  9. 1: Teambuilding of a competitive team. We can discuss if this will be tiered or have some other stipulation. I feel this could be done via forums to help increase post count and get our members to the needed rep! 2. Tournament testing team Expand more on this? 3. Work with other members to breed team (thus no legends) Would be cool but I wouldn't be able to participate in this; have yet to complete Ultra Moon. 4. Tournament IG with team. Willing to play this as long as someone provides a team for me to use, and it doesn't require me to complete the game.
  10. Rattata has too low stats to survive stab rock throw from geodude or onix. I don't think I can beat it without grinding to 15 and that screws me for misty since i'll be overleveled.
  11. Yuppp. For my by far best games since I know them best. I can speed-run both, Fire Red better than Emerald, and have completed a bunch of challenge runs. My most proud run was a Raticate-solo run (though I resolved to require squirtle until Brock, since, you know, you can't really beat Brock with a Rattata unless you trade tm Dig over).
  12. As scared as a Lvl 100 Mewtwo vs. a lvl 1 Magikarp with only Splash