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  1. I would say Speed Runs (or attempted Speed Runs) are probably my favorite. Wish the speed runs for games past Gen 4 weren't so garbodor.
  2. Will post the one Amir made for me when I get home if he doesn't get to it first! To @AmirAlexander you don't get nearly enough praise for your generosity. Thank you so much!
  3. I hate Rotom-Dex now. Sometimes I just want to see the map but it won't shut up.
  4. It's still completely solid. I haven't played 17 in a while so wouldn't be able to comment further.
  5. I only have 2 comments on the MetaMence team. 1. Metagross doesn't have Protect. I would recommend removing Hammer Arm uness the fighting coverage is absolutely vital. 2. Bulu doesn't seem optimal. I love the idea of bulky bulu, but not with Fightinium-Z. Bulky Bulu typically needs substitute to perform optimally, and you're missing out on a ton of power from Grassy-Terrain boosted Z-Woodhammer or Horn Leech. And for Bulky Bulu, you prob want grassy seed or pinch berry.
  6. We can help but we need a clear direction to go in order to start giving tips, unless @AceEmerald is willing and able to run an event specifically for the cause! If you have a pastebin of either metamence or afk and if its VGC17 or 18, we can certainly make suggestions!
  7. Unfortunately, I have no experience with the perish trap part of your team. That being said, the Wide Guard on Stakataka would probably be a good bet for where to add it into your repertoire. Would need to test the team out some for any more advice, and I don't quite have time for it at the moment.
  8. Yeah, I'm the same way and it really is awkward. That's part of the reason why I don't accept invitations to go party anymore. I find my time is better used at home and have told them such. Apparently in 2017 it's difficult to say to someone "I don't like to go to parties because I don't drink" and not have them start judging you immediately afterwards. Funnily enough, they've stopped inviting me to typical outings too, as if there was an unwritten rule that to hang out with them at all, I am required to attend parties. Great people, really.
  9. Mostly getting drunk or high and going out partying, which I despise. No wonder I don't make friends with people from my school or my work easily.
  10. Happy Birthday, my old LC :)

    Hope you enjoy today!

    1. Eastonn8


      Thanks my former FC :) 

  11. Absolutely fantastic article. Would you mind if @TheGamer777 and I used your VGC articles for the Trainer School team that will be starting up relatively soon? Also approved.
  12. Approved! This will certainly help out for anyone that wants to stream. I know how annoying setting up OBS is for Browser-based games, so super helpful. Thanks so much!