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  1. Westworld

    I was so happy to find this show when GOT ended, but I can't believe we will have to wait until 2018 for a second season! I don't think we will get to see to much of robots venturing out into the real world, but I do hope that they will show us the other worlds, for example that Samuraj world shown in the most recent episode.
  2. The Walking Dead

    Glenn is my favourite character for sure, but I stopped watching during season 3 when the show became increadibly slow (That's the season when they have just found a prison they want to live in). Does the show pick up and becoming better again? I heard they released a 6th season recently.
  3. It's going to be great if SHK comes out on mobile and is well implemented, if it manages to score highly on the app store there is going to be a great influx of new players which will be fun (I won't be the lowest level player anymore haha). I do think they would have make some adjustments to the buying crowns part of the game, because the price/reward seems like it wouldn't translate to mobile very well. Can you give us many more details about the Mobile Alpha testing? When will the tests start? Will you be able to provide us with information once it's ongoing?
  4. Sup y'all

    Welcome to DI :) I agree that writing introduction posts can be a little bit of an awkward chore, but most people here are pretty cool. If you are into Civ, I think you'd enjoy Stronghold Kingdoms a lot, we always need more players.
  5. Hi

    Welcome to DI :) Cool chatting with you on Team Speak. Are you from Riga? I went there once, great city.
  6. Greetings

    You forgot to mention the Part about how sucky Shand is :)
  7. Yongda's Introduction

    Welcome, gratz on accepted application.
  8. Okay, so years of saving Chivalry cards and some banquetting cards then I guess. Makes sense, slightly :)
  9. As you probably noticed in Europe-World - House 10 guy "Dave1" is a Prince and it has been less than 3 days. I'm just trying to understand how he did it. Any theories as to how he did it? How does one go from less than Squire to Prince within 24 hours? I would have thought that it is from Banqueting, but he has only Low-land provinces and can't possible have produced enough Banqueting materials. There is no banqueting materials for sale in Europe. There is none in his faction above Alderman and only a Page in house House, that could have produced banqueting tings and sent to him of high rank. It is not possible to Buy banqueting materials through cards, you can only get lucky and find them in card packs, but they are very rare. There are people on the leaderboard who have banqueted more and are only Page ranks. He has only defensive master - Silver, so it's probably not from defending. It's not from killing AI castles / Wolf lairs / Bandit camps or Scouting considering his achivements.
  10. Being your personal banqueter and abandon everything I have built this far does not sound that much fun to me, but best of luck finding people.
  11. Design seems solid, however, the pike setup won't work. When the enemy sends his archer-clear waves your pikes will be removed very quickly. Also you'll alteast want to move a few of those pikes into the center keep, pikes in center can hold of alot of troops.
  12. I would like to see the screen shot jonaqs Sure here you go: The point is that Smelters give a huge chunk more points than towers and stuff, and when everyone uses this in every parish it will have a significant impact on the Glory Race. (Open in new tab for bigger size) Or something like this if you want to take it a bit further and aren't that worried about raids:
  13. IDK about the Belfast castle because I don't have a village in Ulster, but remember that all H16 controlled Parish castles should NOT be built like regular castles. Parish / County etc castles should be built for Leaderboard points. I can show you a screenshot if you want, but it basically means 40-50 smelters to just farm massive amounts of leaderboard points.
  14. Do you know what Rule you broke? What probably happened is H11 didn't like your prescence so they found a reason to report you, probably a stupid one like that you had a Coat of Arms or village name of a real life country or city. "Politically affliliated" stuff is not allowed for some reason.