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  1. Dumbest Game You've Purchased

    I'd prefer that you would look it up in google But the basics are that you are genitalia and play some kind of mini game for example race
  2. Dumbest Game You've Purchased

    For me the dumbest game I bought was Genital Jousting. It's a dumb game but fun to play with people :D
  3. Got Jester 4games in a row ;D
  4. No game no life zero

    The whole movie was amazing I even watched it 2 times. But the best part for me was probably the last two fights. Now I'm waiting for season 2 of No Game No Life :D
  5. i have a friend his name is DI-Crothon in the Rainbow Six Siege team. Should I put DI in my name on Rainbow Six Siege. I am rady to play on 25.02.2018

  6. Is that Kirito? I approve of this profile picture.

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    2. SpacePineapple


      You into fantasy, drama or sports? Grimgar and ash was a nice anime with beautiful art.

    3. Jonse


      Could you be more specific as there are lots of anime with male mc. @Nazo

    4. SpacePineapple
  7. New picture? :o

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    2. Jonse


      Not even close

    3. PsmasterDaryan


      It is the magic of a picture, when i see it, i think of you of a young fella and i didn't even know your birthday before!

      AH i see your birthday .. oh my! September 1917 !

    4. Clones231


      Wow just had a look your birthday is a day before mine lol

      i reckon your in your 20's

  8. Morning Tea tokens have been given out if you were late to the event and did not recieve token send me a pm with screenshot of you attending the event(check if your token was converted to rep first). 2people from the screenshots I have did not recieve tokens as they did not use their forum name.

  9. Whats your opinion on snow?

    Snow is the best thing ever when you want to cool down after a hectic day.
  10. Who is your favorite Fairy Tail Character?

    Tough choice between Natsu and Zeref but Zeref is slightly more favourable :D
  11. Favourite Strategy Game

    To many to choose from :D Top 3 would be Stronghold Crusader/ Age of Empires Golden edition / Chess(if it can be counted as strategy game )
  12. Favorite Quotes

    " Be yourself because an original is worth more than a copy" " Train your mind to see the good in every situation " " There are only two options : Make progress or make excuses" " If you are always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be " "The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for" - Bob Marley
  13. Career Goals

    I'm planning to be chemistry engineer. Already half year done out of 6years of studies for the dream tho. I like producing things using chemistry knowledge.
  14. What is your favorite color and why?

    Black and Blue. Black because I like darkness and black clothes look best usually. Blue because it's calming and reminds me of how sky and sea looks like . I could watch the sky all day long :D
  15. 0e60182ce20fa9487d6b1f838914226b.png


    1. Jonse


      <3 Having you as 2IC was great and from my perspective GOTM is not busy work. It's not work as long as you like what you do.Thanks, @Zezette , for being my support for so long.