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    Hello, i am from Austria and a Wurm Online player since 5 years.  https://www.wurmonline.com/

    I joined DI when we had tried a venture with Wurm Online, which has failed at that time. Would love to get more players from DI into the game, and would love to try another venture with it.

    If you like sandbox survival harcore PvP with full loot, or Economy and Crafting with real money options (1ingame silver is 1 euro/USD) then call me up!

    We got a huge village and terraform, dig dirt, mine big shiptunnels often, craft and smith and sell our stuff online! :D

    Hope to hear from you DI player!

    Regards, der Plattenschmiedmeister Daryan / The Platesmithmaster Daryan (PsmasterDaryan) (PSMD)
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    Wien / Vienna
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    Stronghold Kingdoms
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    EVE Online
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  1. I like the new Star Trek Discovery series

    ah thank god, that is great! =)
  2. Nice guide, but isn't it a bit short? 1 page only, with links linking to the official wiki. Maybe it wasn't stated correct, but i was told by Afdragon, a "guide" which gets you a commendation, should at least have 5-6 pages and should not cover most informations from a wiki or from other pages, it should reflect and show your own experience. Correct me if i am wrong, but that what i believe. @AFDragon
  3. St.patricks day was good, and my teeth are green now

  4. I like the new Star Trek Discovery series

    Haha, well i had hoped they follow through with their plan on the planet xD You say a seson 2 is confirmed? oh i thought it was already canceled
  5. How do you feel with reaching 400REP soon? :D 

    btw, what does "sh" stand for in your name?

  6. I know, i had heard about the negative critics, but i kinda like it, there is many more worse series than ST D New Klingons, fresh design? I got used to it after some episodes spores kinda weird addition, but okey.. fresh new idea! Klingons new timeline? OK! WHy not. I find it sad that it might not be continued after first season, i think the critics weren't good and it might been canceled. When i watched full season 1, there will be no more, meh. How did you who have seen it liked it?
  7. New picture - the old one looked less grumpy :D

    (who is this btw?)

    1. Sif00


      It is Captain Flint from the TV show "Black Sails".


      Seems Jackal is kinda infatuated with him, it's a great series though:)

    2. PsmasterDaryan


      Black Sails? I gotta watch that some day!

    3. Chantal


      Yesss Flint! Awesome character. Definitely a must-see series! :D

  8. Where are you from?

    This must be one of the oldest topics around that still is active, wow. Europe is my answer to the poll.
  9. The Adds i get on Di

    i get telecommunication adds often, telecom for example
  10. 350 .. no 380 ! REP this month - how do you feel, Fluffy? 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Warlordsh


      Not to sure about that yet, I thought about giving it to the first 8 people who congratz me on my victory.

      or holding some sort of giveaway through a random selector 

    3. PsmasterDaryan


      I already got Golf with friends, if we can't choose another game, then i might forward my gift to antoher one if i congratz you and get one gift ;-)

    4. Fluffy
  11. Dumbest Game You've Purchased

    Hah i can answer that, Monopolka on steam for 2 dollars, it is a weird new type of monopoly, but all with furries!!
  12. weird! Do members not see reactions made by others? 

    "somebody reacted to a status update Updated my other games!"  However i can't see the reaction :o

    Only visibale to officers? :o

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Vegas


      I dont think Overwatch understood what psmaster meant, there's a bug where sometimes you can see status update reactions and sometimes you can't, Generals + can only see WHO gave which reaction, but everyone can see what reactions are given, but sometimes no one can see reactions given on status updates and status replies.

    3. Atomiccow
    4. PsmasterDaryan


      yes, i recieved 2 tiumes a reaction to my update here, but didn't see it. oh now i see what overwatch meant lol. yes that is known to me that generals can see who reacted. i don't mean that, but i remember i was able to see the emoicon like bob ross before. can't see them here.

  13. Updated my other games! Wow we suddenly have so many to choose from, i play half of them all lol

    1. PsmasterDaryan


      Sorry @Zezette i thought i had added those games long time ago, i did not but i told you i have. Sure you were confused which ones i want to play and which ones not. SOrry.

  14. Whats Your Favorite Console?

    PS1 was cool, i played hours on that thing, and Gameboy Color. oh my that are the really old times when life was still black and white!
  15. my message box is soon full! What can i do to empty it out??

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Specctre


      You can either click on the wheel icon and use the "empty" function, or select everything that shows and delete it manually (which allows to tick off certain messages you want to keep) or vice versa as Solxius showed.

    3. PsmasterDaryan


      If i click the dreadfull empty button, does it delete all and every single mnessage of all tiem until now?

      i want only those like 1 year ago, up until 1 month ago deleted lol

    4. Specctre


      No idea, never clicked it, though I would assume all of it.

      You can also just select all messages and tick off the ones you want to keep manually.