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  1. DI-C got a position (2IC) to fill, if you are responsible and look for a new challenge to be a Warden (2IC) then give me a call. I'll invite you to talk about it! :D

    Regards PSMD


  2. Hello. My application to become a member of this community has been accepted. However; I'm still not a full member as I know I have to go through a lot.

    I am sending this message to let you know that I have been assigned to your division. I hope we can talk sometime soon.

    Thank you,


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. PsmasterDaryan


      Yes Primaryis Fortnite. @BDSally @Nazo Hiii, want to play fortnite with  Supman911?

    3. BDSally


      Im the one who brought him in :p of course i do!

    4. Supman911
  3. Changed your primary game to be Fortnite

  4. Which advertisements do YOU see?

    Do you like flying? Buying tickets or you own a aeroplane? :D
  5. Just want to leave an awesome message for my mentor and thank you for helping me pass my cohort and helping with any questions I did have about di ;) Top mentor 

    1. PsmasterDaryan


      Yay, welcome new full member! GZ to captains rank! Keep it up and soon you ll be some high General :D

  6. Do you play on the PVP or RP server for the life is feudal mmo? <3

  7. Nice congratz to your new award! Golden shiny!

    1. BDSally


      Thanks love the shinies 

    2. DDevastatedTV


      Congrats my dude well deserved ;) Top Fellar I I call my friend in di, You  do a lot for the fortnite section and keep up the hard work ;)

  8. Nice congratz to your new Award :D

  9. Which advertisements do YOU see?

    Sounds like you were quite happy with the Kays Jewelry ads! :D
  10. Changed my profile a bit so it is easier to see for the people, where my name comes from :D

    1. IcarusV


      I have always wondered about what the P.S. stood for :shock:

  11. Which ads do u see? I got parfums of marionott! And what does your advertised love horoscope told you for this month? :D Luv Oh cheap ssd servers!! XD
  12. Does someone know where i can find Opium Den topics i made but were closed? I want to quote something i had read weeks ago, but can't see a *solved* subforums?

    Please send me a link there :D

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    2. PsmasterDaryan


      Hmm, for m that goes back like 5 days. Then i stops, and i see no way to search for older topics.. You think those are just gone? :-(

    3. Vegas


      I can see every topic you've ever made lol, all the way back to your initiate application

    4. PsmasterDaryan


      ahh yes the my activity button, was hard to find on the phone =) gotcha

      Found it here:  


  13. Hi! I'm MrSalt and I was recently assigned to your division! Just wanted to inform you of that just incase you weren't aware already.

    1. PsmasterDaryan


      Hello, you are playing Fortnite, please inform @Nazo and @BDSally about the jolly news!




  15. BBQ Barbecue Poker winner!