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  1. Have I watched that anime!

    God damn, four pages of anime titles
  2. Have I watched that anime!

    I'm in the middle of watching Owari no seraph, it's pretty good. I was hoping for something like Familiar of Zero. Zankyou no terror I watched the first episode, though it was good. It's another one for a rainy day. Log Horizon has always been one I could watch, but I'm not too interested. The Grimigar of fantasy and ash is the closet kind to that series I've watched. I think the main character is the part that makes me not too keen. I don't even want to talk about picking up girls in a dungeon. She was like a second Yuno to me. Grimgar was very lovable for me, wish I could get some more. The fighting for life and death part really was something new, Anohana ripped my heart out. School-Live! I will save for when I need fluff time, though I have heard some good things, not sure I'll ever get around to it. Everyone seems to love Madoka Magica, so I better watch an episode just to dip my toe in the water
  3. Have I watched that anime!

    Koe no Katachi sent my eyes into fire hydrant mode half the time. SAO, the first season without the elf arc is the only season in my eyes. And the new movie was pretty sweet actually. Food wars I read the manga up to whatever point it was last year, and I can say it's like the Prison School of cooking. Noragami was a good show, can't way it left a huge impact, but still an 8/10 in my books. Tokyoghoul I have like 3 episodes of the second seasno left/ Ping Pong was one of the first anime I watched, and if you can get past the art style (I liked it from the start tho) it is absolutely incredible. Don't lewd the dragon loli I have not watched Tatami Galaxy, and I've had two people recommend it to me, so I guess there's no retreating now.
  4. I thought the whole save the love interest who is captured in a cage from the creepy messed up dude was.... Interesting
  5. I'd put it at the fact it's a simple concept with a old hunger games style play that appeals to people who enjoy suffering at the hands of those better than them, bitter for the minutes spent queuing just to die after all the looting you just did and how long you stare at your monitor wondering why you didn't do this or that only to swallow the anger and disappointment in yourself just to press Ready Up
  6. My boy kotl needs some love, I have't seen the man played in a while
  7. What is your stand on Net Neutrality?

    It's almost a scary reality, not so much in the control but influence. Money talks
  8. What is everyones favorite Disney movie?

    Oh damn, that is a good one
  9. I enjoy fpp, it gets intense and I feel so much more danger with the limited vision. On the flip side, third person has always been fun and nice for casual gameplay.
  10. For example, season 1 of To Love Ru, I wanted to see how Rito would handle the alien father who threatens the world.
  11. Klein why, why can't you be a main character from the beginning
  12. Who is your favorite character in DBZ?

    Earlier, less powerful Goku