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  1. cant remember if i already posted mine, but AK-47 fuel injector is my favorite skin, M4A4 Hellfire AWP Hyper Beast USP Overgrowth (FT) Glock Grinder P250 Muertos Desert Eagle Blaze CZ Victoria UMP Blaze SSG Dragonfire Dullies Marina Tec9 Fuel Injector MP9 Hotrod MP7 Cirrus P90 Asiimov Famas Mecha Industies Galil Sugar Rush PPBizon High Roller
  2. you can rip me now

  3. Funny images from every corner of internet

    I find something very ironic about this picture...
  4. To Win A Gamer's Heart

  5. Event Suggestions (OUTDATED)

    i like hide n zeik... my favorite event (some people will understand)
  6. Sorry to bring the news Azusa but... It was only a stradegy discussion
  7. It is a hack/glitch, they lag the servers and make the game think that the bomb already have passed 40 seconds/defuse has already been there for 10 secs,
  8. What does your Ctrl+V contain?

    they know me from the failed snipes i make, they know me from getting lucky that i even have this dlore even tho i only put in a howl, they know me from fucking your mom in the ass
  9. so now my graphic card broke.... gonna be back soon hopefully

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    2. Atomiccow


      @ZeikasorI will submit an STA request for you and move you to Away rank. How long would you like to be on Away, you can request up to 4 weeks? You can provide an estimate and then increase it if needed due to it still being unresolved.

    3. Zeikasor
    4. Atomiccow


      Excellent, moving you to Away rank now. If you need it extended or reduced, just message me and i can take care of that for you.

  10. Survey PLEASE HELP

    Usually 9
  11. So... I just played GTA:SA on PS3 and i realised how awesome it was:e565168:

  12. They wont be as dominant as before and the main reason they split up in the first place was because of internal issues
  13. 1) Necropos 2) Ghost Crusader 3) Dragonfire (Yes, necropos is first)
  14. 5. Wasteland Rebel 4. Redline 3. Aquamarine Revenge 2. Red Laminate 1. Fuel Injector