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  1. The best reworks are GP and Taric. They are not some overpowered like yasuo before nerfs and they are great on their roles
  2. He is very nice now especially with Press the Attack rune (W applies that rune each shoot :) ) and his execute R which can secure kills
  3. Jhin is awesome. Idk why do you want to delete him...
  4. What is everyones favorite Disney movie?

    The Lion King
  5. Go SoloQ if you want to focus more on your game or play alone. DuoQ is very nice choice when you have good friend, talk and have fun together or just try out some interesting strategies. i personally play more solo but duo is also choice which you can consider
  6. Jhin because of his lore and very interesting character :)
  7. AMD or NVIDIA?

    Nvidia :)
  8. Sorry to say but it's preseason now and current rank is not worth of tryharding rankeds (rewards have already been given). But you can play some rankeds at the end of preseason to make your MMR higher and make it easier to get higher rank in next season. For now the best option is to play normals and try different strategies
  9. Where do you live ?

    Poland in Europe :)
  10. Happy Birthday :)

  11. If someone posted his vacation/absence post in the middle of that forum breakdown please write to me and i can set you away after making post at that section

  12. IGN means In-Game Name my friend :) And yup IbnBattuta is your IGN so no worries :) I offer help