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  1. We never really got along all that well...

    But you brought a lot of character to DI-VI.

  2. Get back here you noob :p

  3. Attention Warframe players: I have a free Frost Prime code, Prime Syandana, Warframes slot, and a modpack hmu for the hookup. 

  4. Guess who has two thumbs and gained the new nickname "Boneless" at work...

  5. Just when I think league couldn't create a more weeb champ like Yas they make an Edgelord3000. Yikes. 

    1. Ender


      I'm pretty sure this is what they wanted Talon to be. Now with 200% less shirt and a scythe!

  6. wtw3b.png

    1. Tyrant


      rofl this is awesome

  7. I'm looking for a really good stealth game on Steam. Any recommendations? (I Have MGSV).

    1. Dom


      Sniper Ghost Warrior 3?

      Sword With Sauce

      Far Cry 4

      That's what  i got looking at my desktop. 

    2. Falx


      Pay Day 2 is really fun imo but people either love it or hate it ;P. And it's kinda infested with an overload of DLC

    3. TheSuperSoldier


      Dishonored 1 and 2, the new Thief is meh, but a decent stealth game.

      Prey can be played as a stealth game, but it's not the only choice.

      I can't think of any others.

  8. KillingFloor is free via Humble Store. 


  10. I got fired from the calendar factory today. All I did was take a day off...

    1. VadaShiloh


      LMAO!! idky but this made me die lol

    2. GreatJackal


      This a troll cloa?

    3. Cloa


      It's a play-on-words, Jackal. LOL. 

  11. I need anime to watch when I'm taking breaks

    If by break you mean taking a piss and you need those 3 minute ones watch this: https://myanimelist.net/anime/26349/Danna_ga_Nani_wo_Itteiru_ka_Wakaranai_Ken
  12. Anime I should watch?

    Dude Highschool DxD is in there are you kidding me LMAO
  13. Anime I should watch?

    Shokugeki No Soma