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  1. What you listening to?

  2. What you listening to?

  3. What you listening to?

    Great as always =) here's my.... mood
  4. Does anyone Play ESO?

    hey mate, we used to mainly play on EU, although after the forming of ESO venture ( @ToxicEnigma my condolences xD ) we switched to NA and got some root and powerful gear n' high levels there as well... aaaah those were the days ... :) Specially the duel tourneys ... i loved them xD
  5. Cant listen to it loud enough.... GLORIOUS !!!

  6. What you listening to?

    This musicvideo has such adrenaline rush xD
  7. What you listening to?

    Such an emotional song
  8. Hello there

    Always glad to see our biggest division, Overwatch, getting even bigger. Welcome my friend.
  9. Guess I'll reintroduce myself

    Hello and welcome back :D its a pleasure to have u amongst us again.
  10. “Peace be upon you”

    Greetings and welcome to DI ! We've got the biggest player base for Overwatch here in DI , or so I've heard. you do seem like a, really good player... i remember last i played that game i was at 2200 peak and it took the shit outa me to get there xD
  11. man That avatar looks sick...!  glad to "finally" see some changes in your profile page :D

    1. AFDragon


      Appreciate it! I really like it as well, might have to live with it for another year now 

  12. What do you do without internet?

    Walk around.... really... slowly... thinking about "nothing". that's what i'll do