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  1. Nah I'm having more fun on league now than I have all year
  2. Maybe. Things should be in theory more exploitable because you can't just plop a 40 armor page against their wukong and number your way to the hardcoutner win as easily.
  3. Ever since the juggernaut update riot's been taking actions that prevent games from going too long. There's just too much damage and dps and cc for splitpush tanks to drag games out like they used to
  4. Ah, this thread is about the linked website, so it's hard for you to join the conversation if you don't check it out xD
  5. Personally I know I'm trying like 6 pages for a single champ haha
  6. I both love and hate the fact that there are less-intuitive edge champions who need radically different runes. Klepto ezreal is a good example, you'd think a carry wants to go an offensive tree.
  7. I got 100k and spend most of it on moneybags poro emote and chromas ;3
  8. Hi!

    Hi Kev! Check these guys out for overwatch players ;D https://forum.dmg-inc.com/forum/362-di-xviii/