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  1. How to get a girl to like you

    No respect for the meme. Rip Dude you would get me like that O.O You do realize its not gonna die that easy right? :P
  2. Wo, wait, since when are you back? Am i just blind?

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      Ok, I'm not blind, phew.

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  3. How long have been officer now? A year? A year  and a half?

  4. and... hes gone again?


  5. I named my newest BDO pet after Physics

    omg! I see it! Yeah it does look like him!
  6. Recruiting like a master is not given to all. It requires dedication and no small amount of patience. True recruiters are the ones that put their whole brain into recruiting. Recruitment, at its core, is a psychological demonstration of talent. Either you are good enough to attract dozens of people, or you are not, but that talent can be learned. That's what differenciate legends from casuals when it comes to recruitment. Over the last 2 years, I have perfected a technique that has proven itself many times over, as some of the members in DI can attest. Here is my recipe to complete success in Recruitment. It is long and complicated, but if you are dedicated enough, you can use it to start writing your own Recruiting Legacy. Phase 1: Preparation Recruitment is all about the mindset you are in and the time you put into it. You cannot be a good recruiter if you're not prepared for what's coming at you. First, you need to prepare yourself for your recruitment shift. It takes usually many hours so you have to be ready. When recruiting, you will have to face many different types of people, from the confident ones to the shy ones, and every single person has its own personality that you will have to deal with. That is why you need to arm yourself with your main weapon: Patience. Recruitment is like fishing. Your recruitment form is your bait and the recruits are the fishes. You don't get to decide when they bite. All you get to decide, is what you do with the time that is given to you with them when they do bite, to quote one of my favorite movie characters of all times. Which is why you must prepare yourself to be as open-minded as possible, and accept that almost 0% of your recruits will be easy to get in the clan. There's always a catch, there's always questions to answer. The ones that don't really ask for anything are usually not worth, although rare gems can be found. Once you are psychologically ready for the next couple of hours ahead of you, you can start the second phase. Do keep in mind that exercizing this can be mentally exhausting, so recruiting many days in a row can lead to mental fatigue. I am talking from personnal experience. If everything goes well, you should get a rate of 5 to 10 initiates everyday, which compensate if you have to take days off. Phase 2: The Bait Once you're ready to start the day, you can set up your recruitment form. Your form has to be complete and thought through. You need to make sure every word is useful and that your message is clear and direct. Here is an example of what I mean: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/team-recruitment/9TXVGmju-damage-incorporated-multi-gaming-clan-recruiting-for-league-of-legends This is a form that has literally evolved over the course of a year. It was posted 5 months ago, so it is not up to date, but it is still a really great post to inspire yourself from. If you are in a multi-recruitment shift, which means that you are recruiting for many games at the same time, lets say League of Legends, Rocket League, ARK and Rust, prepare all your individual forms with the time and application that is required. If you are not from such said game/division, don't be shy and go directly to their commanders. Ask them what their plans are and what is their division's attribute they are the most proud of. They will be happy to know that someone that isn't even in their division wants to work for them. Ask @Physics if you want a description of how it feels (Sending winks to Physics). After that, to avoid distractions, I recommend creating a channel of your own in Teamspeak, such as Cerber's Outpost as an example. Once you're in your office, that your forms are ready, you're ready to go. Post them up, and pull up a book or some videos and you can start waiting. Sometimes you can wait for multiple hours. One day I literally waited around for 5 hours for someone to add me. I got 4 in 15 minutes after that. You just have to be patient. Playing while waiting for someone to add you is THE WORST POSSIBLE THING YOU CAN DO. When you are ingame, you completly lose the mindset you put yourself into in Phase 1. Also, when in-game, especially in multiplayer games like League of Legends, you don't have time to stop or to think about other things. If someone adds you while you are playing, you have to tell them to wait and that, for most players, is an immediate turn off. You need to answer them immediatly. It also shows a bad image of yourself, like you're not really serious about it. Someone that is into his clan would use all of his attention to be there for the initiates he is trying to get. The second aspect of this phase is more active. When using forums such as Reddit to try to recruit people, in order to achieve maximum efficiency you must seek out players yourself as well. Look for topics such as "Looking for clan" or "Looking for Team" and add their submitters. Once you've added everyone that posted something of such category in about a 24 hour window, you can start Phase 3 Phase 3: The Catch Once someone added you or accept your invite, that's when the real game starts. That's when you get to use your special arsenal of social weapons. What I mean by that is that by using scientific and statistical data, you can maximize your chance of "closing the deal" by up to 30%. First off, you have to look as though you care about your recruit from the first line you ever send him. A catchy phrase that I always use is the following: "Hi there! What can I do for you?" This shows that you are interested in what your recruit wants, and makes them already more confident, sometimes without them even noticing it, because you are using techniques that plays around with the subconscient of the human brain in his social aspect. By proving you care about someone, you establish a connection with them that you wouldn't have by opening with a casual "yo". Of course, it's not game changing, but it does improve your chance of success at the very least by 10%, which in recruitment is a whole lot once you start to have experience and know the general odds of successful recruitment. If it is a player you added yourself, use the following phrase: "Hi there! I noticed you on "-insert forum name here-" and thought that I could hit you with a proposition that might interest you!" Once they've answered by the positive, send them a link to your thread. Tell them to read it and to tell you if they're interested. Most of them will not be, so be prepared to get a whole lot of noes, but be patient, from time to time it pays off. Once they have signified that they want to join DI by either mentionning that they saw your post or that they accepted your proposition, ask them if they have any questions before you start their initiation. Usually everyone has at least one question, but they are a bit shy to ask so they keep it for themselves. Asking them if they have something to say unlocks their ability to be more confident with you, which opens the door wide open with your chances of getting him to make it through the applicaiton and the first days of his initiation because once again, you build a connection with your recruit. I noticed over the 2 years I've been doing this that this step makes the initiates you get have a 20% better chance to stay more then a week then most initiates, and that means a lot. Here, as an example, look at the retention rate of initiates in each cohort. Barely 20% of them make it through their initiation and 10% of those stay after a month of membership. The connection you're building with them gives them someone to count on once they're in. The number of recruits I helped out during their initiation even though they already had a mentor is too high to remember. Once that is done, ask them if they have TeamSpeak. If they don't, tell them to download it. This is where you will lose most of your recruits since everyone wants Discord these days. With the ones that remain, you keep going. Send them a link to our TeamSpeak. Once they're in, if you're not an officer, get one to drag them to your channel (as mentionned earlier, it should be your "Outpost" with no one but you in it. This will assure that no one will come in to distract you and will help build your connection with your recruit). Note: getting in contact with multiple officers beforehand is a good idea to ensure that your recruits don't have to wait on you. Phase 4: Closing the Deal Once they accepted to enter DI, you can start testing your recruit to determine his ressourcefulness and his commitment. Tell them that the first step is to go to our Website. Tell them that they can find the link in your thread. After that, tell them that once they're in, they want to go to the Community Tab. Don't give them the link so that they have nothing to do. By letting them do it at their own pace, you can already tell if hes is a fast one or if he will need help in the future. With only this first technique, I can tell who will stay more then a week or not, in 80% of the cases. Once they're in the community part of our Website, tell them that the first step is to Sign Up. Tell them to create their account, and to tell you when they have received and accepted their email confirmation. Once again, the speed and confidence at which they do this step is a really good indicator as to what type of member hes will become. Once again, he might have questions or will take time, but you must always stay patient. Forget about how slow people can be, you are there for their benefit and their benefit only. Next, guide them to the initiate applications Section, and tell them to read and follow the instructions of the "How to Join Damage Incorporated" Topic. Once more, as you can already guess, it gives a clear indicator of your intiate's potential. This part of Phase 4 is the longest of any given time of your recruitment sequence. Generally, that's where you will have to answer the most questions. Remember, you are here to give everything you have to your recruit. Be patient. Help them if they feel lost. Luckily for you, it is a lot easier right now then it was back in days but you will still have to manage some hard cases from time to time. At last, once they're done with their app, tell them that you have notified a Gate keeper (Don't actually do it, but it just makes them feel like you are doing everything they can to help them). After that, tell them that their app will be reviewed soon and that it might need modification so they have to keep an eye on it. Then, you can send them to rooms with people already playing in it. Don't forget to remind them that they can come to you at any given time if they have any questions. They will remember it, I assure you. Once you are all done with that recruit, you go back to your Outpost, and you wait for your next Prize. You might have to do all of the steps above for multiple initiates at the same time, which is why you will have to do sacrifices. Trying to build a conneciton with an initiate by talking to multiple of them at the same time in your Outpost is counter-productive. It will only make them feel as one in many as opposed to the one you're interested in. You will have to chose the one you feel more promising and talk to him via TeamSpeak and guide the other ones through chat. Remember: guide your recruits only via chat if you have multiple at the same time. The optimal way will always be by voice com. A last word of advice: Remember what it was like when YOU joined. It will help you to put yourself in the skin of your recruit and understand what you want from a Recruiter. Good luck out there people. The fate of DI is on your shoulders. Cerber out.
  7. Ender! Come to the Toronto IRL event!

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      Let me know what you all decide! I might not come to the convention, but I'll come downtown for lunch and to say hi!

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      well so far only me and Rexy are going, so yeah

  8. Are you 100% sure you're coming to the Toronto event? :)

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      He will not mate:) - he messin with you

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      Not cool though. I actually thought he would

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      He cannot come cause he has school man, he is still a young little boy with big dreams and hopes, he wants to meet a sexy woman ,settle down and make baby dragons with perfect jaw lines- don't F with the man's dream @Cerber42

  9. The Mentor-Mentee Pokemon RP CHALLENGE

    I've been thinking I'm in
  10. Happy birthday David. I know you, but you don't know me. But still HB! :wink:

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  11. Happy Birthday Physics :smile:

  12. Omg, you changed your name. I didn't even noticed

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      A rex by any other name is still a rex - re-branding doesn't change the core.

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  13. Hey Guys