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  1. DI, get ready, cause XI's about to be boomin'

  2. Laughter of Children

    Once again, sorry for missing one. From now on, I'll just post it when I have time/think about it. I'm really busy these days.
  3. Laughter of Children

    Sorry, didnt post number 7 yesterday. I got busy and forgot. Double today
  4. There is sonething I always wondered. What do flat earthers think about the stars? Do you think that the sky is like a wallpaper turning around the earth? Or that stars are flat suns? Remark: This is just out of curiosity. I do not want to express an opinion in this debate because in my opinion it can never reach a conclusion (much like religions arguing on what god is true)
  5. Laughter of Children

    Aww thanks Sif
  6. I think this discussion shouldnt continue. I don't see it ending anywhere good At best it's just gonna end up as being a talk at cross-purposes
  7. Laughter of Children

    #5 Milestone passed
  8. Laughter of Children

    It’s one everyday, as stated in the introductory text
  9. Laughter of Children

    Tonght man
  10. The Drakonian Blade

  11. Laughter of Children

    Hi guys, I spent many weeks every year since I was 9 in a Summer Camp. That camp for me is the place where imagination has no limit, where every activity is an opportunity to create a new magical memory, where campfire stories come to life. I work there as a counsellor now, and last summer it was my turn to create those memories in the heads of kids. Summer Camps are really a magical place. Kids can go there for 6 hours and be marked for the rest of their lifes. Take me as an example. For many, too many of them, Summer Camp is the first place where people don't look down at them, don’t call them little or listen to them. For a lot of kids, their counsellor at Summer camp was the first adult to ever crouch in front of them to talk them face to face, like an equal. Counsellors have an unexplicably powerful link with their kids and sometimes that allows magical transformations in them. Those little stories where kids go at camp for 2 weeks and come out a different kid aren't stories. They're true. I've witnessed it with my own eyes. I used to look up to my counsellor like they were my superhero, because that's what they are for kids. Now that I am one myself, I understand how much influence a counsellor can have over his kids and how important it is that he always shows a good example. For me, Summer Camps are the place of Magic, where monsters and fairies come to life, and where every kid is equal and free to express his imagination and ideas. Last Summer I worked as a Counsellor for 3 months. I have so many memories, so many of my kid's faces and voices that are marked in my mind. A child's laugh is one of the most beautiful sounds that exists, and my summer was full of it. I would like to share with you this experience, and tell you stories about my camp, things I've seen, things I've done, kids I've met. Ill write one story every day. If you have memories to share as well I'd be happy to hear them. For now, here goes. General details regarding the stories: It is in Quebec, where I live, so everything there has french names, obviously. English is on ly my second language, I speak French outside of DI. That means that sometimes it will be hard to translate some things, like Counsellor names and expressions My counsellor name is Lancelot. I usually get groups of 14 to 20 kids. STORY #1 STORY #2 STORY #3 STORY #4 STORY #5 STORY #6 STORY #7 STORY #8 STORY #9 This story is about a dare. Between counsellors, very often do we make dares between us. As you know, in the Summer I work with the Regional Camps. That means that the group I have is already in another camp, with another counsellor for a whole week. So there is also such said counsellor that follows the group around, helping with discipline and entertainment. That day I had a group with no less then 2 counsellors and one Junior Counsellor. (The group was about 23 kids big) Last activity before Dinner was Archery. The Resident kids always make a dare competition at archery, but since my group didn't have any replacement clothing and the such, I couldn't do anything really interesting. Instead, I decided that I was gonna make a little show of it. At the end of the Activity, I called the 3 counsellors up in front with me. I said to the kids: For the Finale, you will witness a little competition between your counsellors and me. The one with the most amount of points gets to give the other counsellors a dare. 3 points in the middle. 2 points on the second circle, 1 point on the outer ring and 0 if you don't hit the target. The other counsellor looked at me like "really?" I just smiled at them and winked. By the way, I'm terrible at shooting. I just wanted to make an entertaining show for the kids. I won the first round, surprisingly. The other counsellors said it's no fair, I have training. (Which is totally not true cause I suck at Archery). They said it doesn't count. Then the kids said: "Revenge!" "Make a Revenge round!" "REVENGE, REVENGE, REVENGE" I said to the counsellors: "Double or nothing?" At this point they couldn't really say no. I won second round too. I made all them (they were all girls) to go ask Gluten if he would marry them. And then he had to say who he would have chosen. It was really funny to look at. Some of the kids even filmed it.
  12. As for my personnal opinion on this debate, I will simply say that you should go check some win rates stats/champ pick popularity in high elos before making tiers like this because a lot of the S and A champions arent ever played for good reasons, I’ll let you make your research yourself, since learning on your own is the best way to change your mind.
  13. Ok people thats enough. This conversation obviously isnt going anywhere. Now. Lets calm down and turn the page ok? There’s no need to argue over something as trivial as deciding whats good and whats bad. Everyone has their opinion and thats fine. Alright?