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  1. Favorite Quotes

    <03:25:46> "Jinxxy": There's so much sin on a hobo @Jinxxy
  2. Stream Settings?

    I'm sorry, I don't exactly understand the question?
  3. this video, from a quick check, looks decent as far as showing exactly what to do: https://gamingcareers.net/videos/obs-studio-advanced-mic-settings-noise-removal-compressor-noise-gate/
  4. Karaoke Website?

  5. a blast from the past lmao
  6. Hey Guys

    Nah i'm not going to scare him off, my getting tiggered whenever he says that (which is pretty often >.>) is a running joke at this point. There is more risk of me sustaining serious injury one day when i literally head desk. It is nice when he gets out the keyboard and plays for us, aye ^__^
  7. Hey Guys

    Forgive me sir for my emotional reaction splattering all over the walls. I'll just go clean up the wreckage of my presence - brb
  8. Hey Guys

  9. Small Question

    Hey, glad to hear you're interested in streaming! You'll find some details here if you're going to put in a content creator app please make sure to have some VODs available for review on your channel. Correct! Thank you for the mention.
  10. Facial Routines

    Alright, it should help. If you think about it you have your face on that pillow all night, soaking up those oils and getting dirty. Kinda pointless to wash your face then go put it on something dirty :p
  11. Facial Routines

    Well, what are you currently doing? The basic principles are: Change your pillowcase weekly AT MINIMUM Find a cleanser AND moisturiser and use them both regularly. Now, its easy to go straight to something very harsh like Clearasil but that is a bad idea. You want to be using as gentle a cleanser as possible that is going to remove the needed dirt / oil and then follow up with a light moisturiser that does not clog your pores. Its super common to miss the moisture step and it actually makes the acne a lot worse, the dry flakey skin will clog your pores and make you break out more. Wash your hair regularly, and if you can wear it away from your face. Those are some basic guidlines, i'm happy to answer follow up questions.