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  1. Happy Chinese New Year! Doggos Inside.

    :O that good boy has a little kitten with him.
  2. Im pretty sure that's actually how it works, if it gets milled it won't activate I don't believe. But nobody plays that card so I cant really confirm that.
  3. Happy Chinese New Year! Doggos Inside.

    So many people talking about doges but not posting doges, much disappoint. Here is a doge pick (Not mine, found online)
  4. Waffles or pancakes

    Well I think waffles are more filling, just as a factual thing. I also like waffles.
  5. Ooooooh idk, I'd be willing to make a team and help y'all practice and stuff just don't know if I'd be willing to do it on cart...
  6. Yeah but that way he can mill the candles out of his deck for his opponents 20/20
  7. Shiny Gyarados doesn't count, everyone finds it. The only time it counts is if you find a wild one. My first shiny was SOMEHOW in Omega Ruby, and it was a tentacool. If I ever had a shiny before then I have no memory of it.
  8. Well Zapdos is easily my actual favorite legendary, but for the memes I have to say fire chicken (Moltres)
  9. Rants 😋

    You fucking degenerate monkey, I hope you *insert threat here* whilst your family *insert other threat here*, and then after that you *insert final threat here*.
  10. I mean Dragonite probably has plenty of useful support pokemon. I'd recommend something like Tapu Fini or something because it can deal with rocks and preserve your multiscale, and also take Ice type and Dragon type attacks.
  11. Rants 😋

    I want to discuss why ranting is obnoxious. You spend half an hour ignoring my points, and just focus on what you have to say completely alienating healthy discussion of the topic, OR you talk for an hour about bullshit I don't even care about. It's inconsiderate really.
  12. Favorite type of noodle?

    Ramen Noodles.