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  1. Cosplay posts should be fine. If your asking on a personal note depends, is it good cosplay.
  2. I'm facing Chronomancer Inara, she cast a spell to make her spells cost 0 that turn, AFTER SHE PLAYED AN ANTONIDUS, and I almost had a heart attack. Thank god the AI is retarded and they didnt infinite fireball me.
  3. Idk man, I think we can do better than that. LIKE the 4/3 that makes you immune to damage on your turn, and then you play rod of roasting. I think since the minion wont "technically" die till after the rod is done casting which means you can't actually die so then you just wait until your opponent does. I want to test this now... WISH ME LUCK!
  4. AND HE'S GOT A RING! Truly the power cannot be contained.
  5. I have faith. Faith in Physics's ability to corrupt anyone.
  6. He is. The man makes a convincing arguement. You'd be surprised...
  7. Careful it can sense fear.
  8. Is this questions rhetorical? Cause if we could vote people out of DI I think we'd all agree on Physics :P
  9. @Sairane idk if this is a coincidence or not, but its too perfect.
  10. Low key they are all pretty much worthless. Munchlax is adorbz though see he wins for me.
  11. Nope XD, I haven't planned things yet cause like I've yet to start school again and I've gotta figure out a good time and stuff, and yeah I need to wait and see what my schedules like before I make a commitment to a time
  12. So would people be interested in a Pokemon trivia event thingy. I don't have any details or specifics, this is just an in general thing. Also if I were to do this I'd need my trusty right hand man to help ( @Eastonn8 ).
  13. Is that a request or a statement?