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  1. Microtransactions in games?

    Yeah, Battlefront II pissed me right off.
  2. Microtransactions in games?

    I agree, but what do you think about micro transactions in card games such as hearthstone?
  3. 2017 Game Awards

    I didn't see this, when did it happen?
  4. Hello - From Deemer

    Welcome to DI, I'm so jealous about your fast internet connection since the one down under sin't too good.
  5. 2017 Game Awards

    I feel ya, I felt Horizon got snubbed but it was tough competition.
  6. 2017 Game Awards

    The results for the Game Awards are up, what do you guys think about them?
  7. Weirdest food you have eaten?

  8. What's your favorite breakfast foods?

  9. Hello!

    Welcome to DI, what software are you using to make your game?
  10. Hello there :P

    Welcome to DI, good luck with your GCSE.
  11. Greetings!

    Welcome to DI, its cool to meet a Sri Lankan.
  12. Hand-drawn picture of Tracer I drew :)

    damn, I wish I could draw half as well s this.
  13. Net neutrality

    This is a horrible situation. If net neutrality dies then it set a precedent for other ISPs to push for this.
  14. HELLO im Screamlex :D

    Nice, I hope I can catch one of your streams.
  15. 2017 Game Awards

    It's a tough choice, Horizon Zero Dawn is a really good game but so are the others.