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  1. Need Posts Come Here!

    These are also posts
  2. Favorite books?

    You will not regret reading it. There is a sequel, Gilead's Curse, but I haven't been able to get a copy.
  3. Favorite books?

    Gilead's Blood is the single best fantasy book I've ever read, but it might also be the saddest book I've ever read. Rule of 3 is pretty good, Writ of Execution is good, The Adventures of Florin and Lorenzo was also very good.
  4. Would you change to the International System of Units?

    In Canada, we usually use a combination of both. Generally, units relating to people, like height, and weight we use Imperial units, and Metric units for pretty much everything else.
  5. If you were arrested for no reason.

    You wouldn't be surprised if you knew me.
  6. If you were arrested for no reason.

    Murder. For sure.
  7. Y'all talking about the Mini, or the Mk14, since it was based on the original M14?
  8. What song are you obsessed with right now?

  9. Got any rap fans at DI?

    Pink Guy is all you need in your life
  10. What sports do you guys play?

    I used to play basketball, was alright at that. Played badminton, was actually pretty good, probably enough to compete, but I never practiced so that never went anywhere. Played soccer for a long time, but it was never really my thing. The first thing I was good at, was chess. I was one of the best in-province for a while there. But my true sport is football. I loved playing football. My position was RB, but I only ever got to play in a shitty flag football league, as real football isn't offered here. If I was perhaps living in Ontario, or somewhere out west, I'm confident that I could have made it into the CFL, or maybe NFL for that matter.
  11. Good Netflix series?

    The 100 is the shit
  12. UMP and a Mini, with a silenced 1911 on my hip makes me happy
  13. What song makes you do this?

    Finally, another maggot! I thought I was the only one
  14. Which Steam Game Do You Have Most Hours In?

    2000 hours in Neverwinter, but EU4 or TF2 will be taking the top spot at some point, about 1600 and 1400 hours respectively
  15. What's Your Favorite Band?

    Maggot for life