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  1. Farming 100k stone with ..... the stone. After I farmed that, I learned about pickaxes.... xD
  2. If you want to play right away, Yeah, go for VIP. Takes about 4-7 days till player count drops especially on the bi-weekly server we play on.
  3. Just underpowered enough to qualify as good instead of OP.
  4. Well, in RUST, newer players (like myself) get punished very easily when playing. Having a free weekend will scare people away with grieving all the time.
  5. I would go with a compound and couple of smalls in it so you can divide loot and extra bags.
  6. You did great man, thnx for the games! :)
  7. You have to play a certain amount of games after plat or diamond I think to combat the LP decay. But Yeah, I play exclusively ranked because in normal games you get the guys who don't want to necessarily win the game, for example to try out new champs. In ranked almost everyone wants to win, so it's the best way to improve imho.
  8. mental note: never take a drop while @SkatZ is near :P
  9. I have to agree with Skatz, I recently started with RUST and the key is to ask WHY someone did something. and playing always help :)
  10. is this "real life" in the new patch?
  11. my advice is to just check out some streamers/youtubers and see how they raid. helped me tbh
  12. this! I'm trash and cant aim, so semi for me! :-p
  13. the rock. when I first started playing I didn't know how to make stuff. so I actually farmed my 2x2 and gear with the starter rock xD I would kill myself or steal a other person rock :P