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  1. Yeah it usually helps seeing what better players do and learn from it :)
  2. You know you are getting old when you wake up at freakin 7am on a saturday and can't sleep anymore...

  3. Musical Instruments

    Been playing drums on and off for about 10 years
  4. Sounds like a solid plan ^^, Good luck with your build :)
  5. Weekend is for sure welcome by now.. To much shit to do at work for a normal human being xD

  6. It's usually that way for me as well, but sojme days I get the feeling that I "cracked the code" on maybe one particular thing :)
  7. haha xD same for me, so I just play and I can feel some days that I have actually gotten slightly better at maybe one thing than what I was 2-3 days before :)
  8. If you aren't gonna use it for heavy games you can build a decent budget pc using the ryzen series from AMD. When Building a new pc it's good to know exactly what you are gonna use it for so you dont "underbuild". Also I wouldnt go for the cheapest motherboards as I have experienced them bottlenecking the pc. If you go for a fast cpu/gpu make sure the motherboard can utilize it properly.
  9. The friends I have that have struggled with about the same, said they just worked on figuring out their weaker sides to the game and just working consistently on getting better at those aspects :) Seeing your own weakspots can be hard though sometimes ^^, In general I think some parts just get better by themselves wether you want them to or not just by playing more ^^, Good luck with your climb good sir :)
  10. Favorite fighting game?

    I'd have to say Street Fighter II. So many childhood memories from that game.
  11. Working sucks when the sun is shining and you would rateher be out shredding in the mountains!

  12. New guy coming in! Hit me up if you wanna play some games ^^, RL, CSGO, PUBG, Overwatch!