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  1. Are you being sarcastic ?! How dare you!!! Merc has been the best car since rl got released.
  2. hungry

    Why would you ever watch people eat ? I'd prefer eating something myself. I think it'll taste a lot better.
  3. Atleast we'll be able to upgrade our "flower power" merc with some fancy *cough cough* customisation
  4. Pretty much everything with a link xD
  5. I kinda guessed that from the start. And the longer it took the more he tried to get me onto the site xD Wasting his time was fun tho ^^
  6. So I just got added by a random guy name "Spawn"on steam and this is what he said : " Im working on Rocket League Trading site I`d like to interview you, do you have 2 minutes to answer 2 questions? Also You are getting 2 keys by the end and u don't need to deposit anything" "1. How long are you into Rocket League trading? 2. Do you prefer trading items for items or items for keys and then keys for items?" "Thanks I am really appreciate your help, you can get your keys here: https://rltradeit.com/ , just go to "Promo Code" section and type in "interview_prize11" code :3" It all looked a bit sketchy so I just wasted as much of his time as I possibly could before saying "get out of my sight u lil..." but in a more polite way ofc ;)
  7. Question

    Who knows? maybe I did ;)
  8. What kind of mouse do you use?

    Razer naga epic on max dpi which is 8.2k
  9. Mouse and Keyboard help!!

    I've been using a razer naga epic for years and never had problems with it as for a keyboard I got myself a razer blackwidow v2 chroma (orange switch) I really like the software, mostly because of the lights They both cost a bit more than the average mouse/keyboard but for me they were really worth getting !
  10. Silver 2 here ! I only play to prove people I'm horrible at this game, after that I'll go back to being unranked and wait for the next opportunity to surprise people with my pew pew skills!
  11. What do you snack on when you're mad?

    Anything I can find as much as I can get without feeling sick.
  12. Question

    By posting here shouldn't you be doing that aswell ?
  13. Meaningless Trivia

    A goldfish has a memory span of 3 seconds, just like me.
  14. Whenever you get targeted with the charm ability from eve