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  1. Hopefully this is a wakeup call for good 'ole Felix. He's a damn good player but dear God, just ... get it together, ya know. He recently had an interview with an Overwatch youtuber and apparently there were more things going on and he does realize he's looked at a bit more critically than other players. IDK, he's talented but hopefully he can get his act together and we'll see him in one of the next stages or in Season 2, probably on another team.
  2. Gonna go and guess I'm not the only one using the Logitech G203. Wonderful mouse at a wonderful price. Added benefit of no more spinouts!
  3. Ordered a futon, got a 55" 4k tv

    I mean ... once I ordered an unlocked phone off Amazon and it was actually carrier locked and hadn't been fully paid off on AT&T so I couldn't unlock it myself...... does that count for anything??
  4. Gladiators for sure. I think Dallas is going through too much crap to make a major comeback this stage. But don't sleep on Boston