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  1. Musical Instruments

    I always wanted to learn some kind of instrument (maybe piano!) but i never found time for it. my father is a musician and thats the reason i want to play intruments aswell. But i am so busy at the moment.. :)
  2. I also love the Fate Series! I especially love Fate/Zero and i like Fate/Stay Night UBW a bit let, Fate/Apocrypha is also amazing! My profile picture is the leader part of pain (and the body of yahiko) from the naruto shippuuden anime. I chose him because his japenese dub voice sounds extremely powerful and calm, but wise. My Steam Name is also "Shinra" which means more or less "God" in Japan. It comes from Pains Jutsu "Shinra Tensei" what means Almighty Push. :)
  3. What steam level are you?

    level 27 only. i never understood why people (imo) waste their money to rise their steam level. has no sense at all except for making the friendslist bigger, but i dont need thousands of friends in the list,
  4. What kind of monitor do you use?

    I can recommend BenQ Monitors. Despite the fact that there are many good companies which produce good monitors, BenQ is quite cheap most of the time, and in addition they are very high quality. Im using a GL2760H and im very happy with it for 2 years now. i wont ever buy from another company :)
  5. Your most played game?

    Rocket League it is. On all accounts, i should have close to 2,000 hours at the moment. And im looking forward to play even more :P
  6. Dumbest Game You've Purchased

    It should be Dead by Daylight for me. Insane Hype, but after 1 month it hasnt had any playerbase at all, game's dead and new content is terrible imo. But it was fun while it lasted i guess