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  1. Current Netflix series?

    Currently on the second season of Dexter. Loving it all!
  2. Favorite Movie

    2001: A Space Odyssey
  3. Favorite Hard Candy

    Jesus Christ! The only kind of black licorice candy I can consume are the ones covered in salt. Must be an acquired taste then... still, I do like myself some good black licorice once in a while.
  4. Favorite type of bread?

    Crusty beads like baguettes, or just one of my Father’s loaves of salt rising bread with butter on it. CONSUME
  5. How do you like your steak cooked?

    Medium Rare for sure.

    Starmix is because we don’t have Tangfastic in my part of the US. Tangfastic does sound good though…
  7. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

    Black Cherry + chocolate shavings
  8. Omelets!

    Cheese, sausage, sausage gravy on top OoO tastes amazing!
  9. Tomato or Tamato?

    Tomato - Tamato Patato - Potato
  10. Does Ketchup go on KD?

    OoF I don’t like that idea either
  11. Taco's?

    No ketchup! I couldn’t find a picture of the hot packets in 10 seconds so I got the second best!
  12. Favorite Restaurant

    Any kind of buffet. I’ll eat all of it!
  13. Escargot?

    OoO I want some!
  14. Favorite Hard Candy

    Warheads. I’ve eaten so many that I’m just immune to the sun now. I eat a whole bag and when I’m finished I look in the mirror and see that I’ve been bleeding in my mouth for the past 20 minutes without noticing. Ah, I love Easter.
  15. Cosplay?

    RIP I’ve always enjoyed that idea, butI’m black so I basically can’t find a good one… :/