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  1. DMG in 5 v 5 (better ranked LE) , suprem in wingman, Im from spain and i usually play at 19.00 to 23 more or less (it depends on the day) at weekday, and i have free time at the weekend (taking friday)
  2. I dont think that. Its a great game for me but there are a lot of thing to improve like hack, bug....but it wouldnt be rare
  3. I recently change dust for inferno, cache, mirage. I think dust 2 can hold u in "x" rank, because there a a lot of toxic players
  4. I have already took, and Im not going definitely to chance my crosshair. I love it
  5. I have seen some crosshair but i yesterday saw a crosshair which it combines both crosshair, I think Im going to take it. What do u prefer?