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  1. Musical Instruments

    Nice thats good! Im more of a classical musician
  2. Musical Instruments

    Ive played guitar for a few years when i was younger, recorder for a year, a year of violin, 5 years of piano and ive recently started learning drums
  3. Musical Instruments

    Woah thats awesome! Yeh ive been playing for 5 years now, im currently learning waltz in b minor by chopin
  4. Musical Instruments

    Hey guys and girls, I was just wondering if we have any musicians in DI. Personally I play Piano to a decent standard. Anyway comment below your instrument and maybe any videos of you playing? I'd love to set up an event where we all to just play.
  5. Dude, the only feature within fortnite that requires purchase is the Save The World. However, currently that side of the game is not even competition to the far more popular, Battle Royale, one of the best parts about fortnite is the fact it doesn't require anything to be purchased to play, and enjoy the game. If you see me in teamspeak or pm me on the forums and i'll properly introduce to Fortnite and answer any questions you may have. I'm glad you enjoy playing it with your friends, hope to play with you soon!
  6. Thank you i really appreciate it, if i get a few upvotes on this thread and some positive comments i'll make some more
  7. Overall I'm a fairly experienced Fortnite player with a good understanding of how to build and outplay opponents in Solo's, Duo's and Squad's. In this guide I'm gonna go through the best ways to bag yourself a win in Solo's! My guide will be based on a high kill game and NOT camping in a bush. Solo's: Land in a known location as this is where best loot spawns, landing im Tilted Towers because "That's what the streamers do" is not how to get a win. More often than not this will result in a sad death early on in the game. When landing choose a location like Greasy Grove, Retail Row or Salty Springs. All these locations are both popular and good for loot. The layout of these locations makes it easy to know yourmsurroundings and get kills. Go for kills because camping in a bush will not get you a good amount of loot and a stable position for the end game. Going for kills also improves your overall skill and ability to outplay other players. When going for kills be sure to build as this serves many purposes. Building can protect you from other opponents, give you a higher ground advantage, make it harder to be pushed and inti idate other opponents. A good way to get kills is pushing up on 2 players who are already fighting, it will not only take the players off guard but hopefully they will have already weakened each other making it easy for you to take both players. Towards the end of the game, building a base is not essential but highly rewarding. People will push your base but will be asy to kill as you have the high ground advantage. If the zone does not go in your favour, don't panic! Look around for any nearby players before leaving your base. Then proceed to build a new base in the safezone, the centre is not always the best option. Once it's you and the last guy take note of possible bushes, or buildings they could be hiding in. Shoot at bushes to check for players and intimidate your opponent. Once you know where your opponent is be as aggressive as possible without compromising safety. Fire rpg's, grenade launchers and shots at the location of the target. Once you've bagged the win don't forget to do 'Take The L'. If this guide helps in any way please leave a comment and I might do a guide for duo amd squad's! -Connor
  8. @Devin @ibelinx @FOZ Are you all interested?
  9. Yeh, i did an interview with gammaray and stuff for vice or a team leader position, hopefully the new positions will be sorted within a week so i can discuss my plans with the new commander
  10. Honestly overall kd isnt that important because mines only 2, but i have dropped 21k games, whats your kd?
  11. Ok man I'll be doing tryouts and stuff if i get more than 3 people willing to join
  12. I wish to start a Fortnite team, the team will have four members of the best in the division (and me). The teams aim will be to attract attention to DI and the Division. The team will stream and have a youtube channel which uploads high kill games. It is not a requirement that each member streams as I am willing to stream 90% of the time. Anyone who is willing to try out for the team and anyone in power within the 21st division please respond to this topic or pm me on the forums (if private). I hope to try out a few of you soon! Requirements: Good co-operation and ability to speak English. Able to get kills and help the team. Good personality and enjoyable to play with. Play on EU servers.
  13. Alright man I will, I'll next be online on sunday tho, hope to see you on!
  14. Yeh man I'd love to stream squads, or maybe me and you doing duos?